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Enrollment Deadlines Approaching for KPA's Dog Trainer Professional Program

Sponsored by Karen Pryor Academy

Have you ever thought about becoming a certified dog trainer? Want to take your training to the next level? June and July enrollment deadlines are approaching for the Dog Trainer Professional program in Massachusetts, California, and Missouri.

Training Impulse Control: The Default Sit

Does your dog jump on people? Lunge to greet other dogs? Rush through doorways? Chances are that your dog needs to learn impulse control.

Karen Pryor Academy Takes Flagship Dog Trainer Professional Program to the UK!

Great news for out friends across the pond—Karen Pryor Academy's world-renowned Dog Trainer Professional program is coming to the UK!

Treats….Less is More!

Less is more when it comes to training treats!

Management or Training?


Finding the Teachable Moment

We aim for our dogs to be focused on us in training sessions; a high rate of reinforcement and an appropriate leve

ClickerExpo Broadcast Partner Service Dogs, Inc. Explains How to Greet a Service Dog

As the ClickerExpo conference in Norfolk, VA, approaches, we’re highlighting each of our Taste of ClickerExpo live broadcast partners, and sharing exciting news about them!

Fun in the Snow

Winter may be officially winding down, but in many places there is still plenty of snow on the ground! In this excerpt from their book Beyond Squeaky Toys: Innovative ideas for eliminating problem behaviors and enriching the lives of dogs and cats, authors Nicole Nicassio-Hiskey and Cinthia Alia Mitchell offer tips for fun in the snow – with your dog!