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Welcome to the KPCT blog, a collection of all things relevant to our clicker training community. Browse the news items and tidbits of interest — and post your own comments. The blog changes frequently, so come back often!

Miles of Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is my family’s favorite holiday.

Come Together, Right Now

A pack of trainers from Danish Therapy dogs came,

Top 5 Reasons Veterinarians Should Attend ClickerExpo

ClickerExpo is definitely focused on training better, so veterinary professionals may wonder if there is anything at Expo for them.

What’s New at ClickerExpo 2017

What’s new for 2017 at ClickerExpo? Oh, so much!

Dog-Tired of Politics and the Election? Grab Your Leash!

There’s no doubt that this year’s mud-slinging presidential election is

ClickerExpo and the Zoo Experience

It is amazing how often people assume that ClickerExpo is all about dog training.

Making a Difference in Animal Welfare at ClickerExpo 2017

The number of animals landing in welfare organizations grows at a rapid rate. In 2015 alone, the American Humane Society reported an 8% increase in surrendered animals.