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Welcome to the KPCT blog, a collection of all things relevant to our clicker training community. Browse the news items and tidbits of interest — and post your own comments. The blog changes frequently, so come back often!

Day Job to Dream Job: Tips for Becoming a Fulltime Dog Trainer

Have you bought into the notion that it isn’t possible to train dogs for a living? We have good news for you: It isn’t true. You absolutely can make a living doing what you love.

Ken’s Top Tips for Reinforcement

I have many different guidelines and rules for using reinforcement effectively.

New (or “Newish”) to Clicker Training? The “Must-See” Guide to ClickerExpo!

If you are new to clicker training or crossing over from more traditional training methods, you’ll be in good company at this season’s ClickerEx

5 Must-See Courses on Behavioral Science at ClickerExpo

Face it, some of us are just nerds!

Guide for the Perplexed: Which ClickerExpo is right for me?

There are two ClickerExpo programs available in 2016 — Ren

Clicking Dinosaurs

We’ve long touted the success of clicker training with animals of all sizes and species—from a 5,000-pound rhino to a .3-gram butterfly, as described in