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Company Description

Karen Pryor Clicker Training (KPCT, is a leading company in the field of all-positive animal training education, services, and related products.

The company’s main customers are the pet-owning public, professional animal trainers, and independent pet stores. The company’s major brands are Karen Pryor Clicker Training (book publishing and products), (informational and retail website), Karen Pryor Academy (education services, and KPA Certified Training Partners (pet trainers,, and ClickerExpo (education conferences,

The company, located in Waltham, MA, has grown steadily while retaining small-company atmosphere, policies, and flexibility. KPCT is family and pet-friendly.

Current Open Positions

Marketing Manager

Marketing Professional Needed for Leadership Position in Small Fast-Growing Company

We have an exciting opportunity for a capable, swift marketing professional to join a fast-growing company in the field of online education and e-commerce. Our niche is animal training and behavior, where we have staked out a leading position in behavior and training education and a growing position in animal training products.

Responsible for marketing our brand, products and services, the marketing manager will work with the senior team to plan, execute, and manage the associated programs/campaigns and supporting activities. While the marketing manager does not hold direct P&L business line responsibility, he/she is one of the persons responsible for helping to set and achieve top-line revenue and volume goals.

The marketing manager works especially closely with:
  • the content and communication manager to coordinate and plan key messaging and content for each month across communication and distribution channels
  • the executives in charge of each business area to plan and execute marketing and advertising plans that support key services or product lines
  • the information technology group to plan and execute improvements in usability and marketing effectiveness

Karen Pryor Clicker Training has four major business areas:

  • Karen Pryor Academy: Proprietary educational courses in the area of animal behavior and training aimed at professionals in the field.
    • Responsible for developing and executing the company’s online sales and marketing campaigns for all its courses and on behalf of its program graduates. Works closely with the director and associate director of KPA to plan all promotions including those for trade shows, seasonal specials, etc.
  • ClickerExpo Conferences: Industry-leading conference on animal training and behavior. Offered in the U.S. and overseas.
    • Responsible for developing and executing the company’s registration campaigns and for managing/extending the conference sponsorship relationships. Also works closely with senior management to plan pricing strategy and help pick conference locations.
  • The company’s leading gateway website to its service offerings, which include the company’s extensive online resources, online stores for offering streaming video content, digital goods and hard goods for purchase.
    • Responsible for working with web developers to improve user experience across websites and with retail, content and communications manager on product promotions.
  • KPCT Wholesale: Product lines that the company makes available for sale through third-party distribution channels.
    • Responsible for working with the wholesale sales manager on developing and executing email marketing campaigns and pricing assessments.
Required Skills/Experience:
  • BA/BS degree required. Marketing degree preferred.
  • 2-5 years related marketing experience developing and managing various marketing campaigns for companies with an online business model.
  • An understanding of and passion for animals, pet owners and, ideally, consumers and professionals in the field.
  • Great writing skills for blogs, e-mail and social media campaigns, etc.
Key online/e-commerce marketing skills
  • Developing/executing/managing advertising campaigns on social media platforms (Facebook), pay-per-click ad campaigns on Google, and related, e-mail sponsorships with third parties
  • Developing/executing/managing e-mail campaigns using opt-in e-mail lists, and management of lists from multiple sources
  • Continuing to optimize and improve the company’s position and traffic from non-direct paid vehicles
  • Developing/executing/managing content for social media outlets on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.
  • Developing/executing/managing social media campaigns
  • Driving changes in website design and usability to improve lead generation Analyzing channel effectiveness and user behavior statistics and making recommendations for improvements (e-mail, web usability)
Key general marketing skills
  • Competitive analysis
  • Pricing analysis
  • Marketing budget-setting management
Key strategic skills
  • Ability to tackle and continuously improve customer acquisition and retention through selective projects
  • Nurturing and building company brand identity
  • Contributing to discussion about business model refinement/adjustment
  • Recruiting and growing marketing team in support of expanding business demands
  • Ability to expand and extend models into new markets and overseas markets including developing joint efforts with overseas partners
Additional Information

A primary focus of this position is the ongoing development and management of the company’s online advertising and social media efforts. The company will be looking for a dynamic, results-oriented individual who thoroughly understands social media communication and advertising and promotion as well as pay-per-click and display advertising on the major platforms. The ideal candidate has demonstrated depth in using tools to create, refine, and manage campaigns.

A second focus of this position is e-mail marketing. The marketing manager will often help to design and write targeted e-mail marketing letters to our registered user base. A demonstrated understanding of the rules for effective e-mail marketing programs is essential.

The company is growing and the team will need to be expanded. We are looking for a person who can execute today’s job and looks forward to building a 3-4 person team than can support the company’s growth objectives over the next five years.

Annual salary $60K (+)
This full-time position is eligible for participation in company bonus pools. Company–subsidized health care coverage is available. The company does not have a 401(k) plan at this time.
Contact Information:
Please apply to