Refer a Friend to ClickerExpo 2018 & Save!

The community that gathers at Expo every year is truly unique. Share the experience with someone you care about and you’ll both get $15 off registration!

How it Works

Step 1: Retrieve Your Code

Once you have registered for ClickerExpo Southern California or St. Louis, you will receive an email that will include your referral code.

Step 2: Spread the Word

Tell your friends about ClickerExpo!

Step 3: Redeem Your Code

When your friend registers as a first-time attendee, they must enter your code under “Discount/ Referral Code” during the first step of registration and they’ll automatically receive a $15 discount on their registration price.

You will receive a refund prior to the event for $15 per first-time attendee referred.

Step 4: Repeat

The more the merrier! You can share your code with as many of your friends as you’d like!

Referral Program Restrictions & Limitations

Referral discount valid for first-time attendees only and may not be used in combination with other discount related codes.

Referral discount is not valid on Super Fan pricing.

KPA Certified Training Partner members and Dog Trainer Professional students are not eligible to refer other KPA Certified Training Partner members or Dog Trainer Professional students for this program.

Registrants who have attended any ClickerExpo event prior to 2018 are not eligible to receive the referral discount on registration pricing. If a registrant has attended any ClickerExpo event prior to 2018 and uses the referral discount, an additional $15 will be charged via the same payment method used for initial registration.

First-time attendees must enter the referral ID code at the start of registration; referral discounts cannot be added to registrations retroactively.

Referral discount valid on 3-day registrations only.

Referral credit will only be earned when a referral discount is valid and awarded. Referral credit earned on a registration that is canceled will be voided.

Credits earned by a referrer under this program will be processed to the referrer's account prior to each ClickerExpo.

Faculty, sponsors and guests of ClickerExpo, the Faculty of Karen Pryor Academy and the employees, contractors and affiliates of Karen Pryor Clicker Training are not eligible for referral credits.