What's New at ClickerExpo 2018?

Learn more in three days than you thought possible!

The 2018 ClickerExpo programs celebrate our 15th year of leadership in behavior and training. Explore the 2018 schedule, filled with new and innovative courses, creative teachers, and fun events.

If you’ve been to a ClickerExpo event once or many times, know that this year:

  • Choice is king once again. Expo will have more than 80 courses and a faculty of 23 talented teachers. Our faculty members bring you to the cutting edge of knowledge and best practices, sharing each year’s newest research, techniques, tools, and skills.
  • Location agnostic: Equine, business, and teaching courses are in both SoCal and St Louis; you don’t have to choose!
  • Humans are animals, too. You’ll see more courses connecting our knowledge and practice of animal training and behavior to both self-improvement and helping others.
  • That’s new! We always have a slew of new courses. We’ve outdone ourselves for 2018! You’ll find 50 new courses that our faculty has put together just for ClickerExpo 2018.
  • Fun X15: For our fifteenth anniversary celebration, we are based in stunning locations and have special gifts and celebratory events all weekend!

What hasn’t changed is what sets ClickerExpo apart—unparalleled interaction with so many top-level teachers and trainers! Our ClickerExpo faculty members are not only great trainers, they are skilled and enthusiastic teachers. Plus, in ClickerExpo’s unique culture of mutual discovery, teachers and attendees listen, practice, and learn from each other.

Maybe that’s why, year after year, almost every attendee (average of 99.5% in 2017!) who turned in a survey said that ClickerExpo met their expectations, was “really good,” or provided a “Wow” experience. This was true for our very first ClickerExpo and it has been true for the 14 years we have been operating ClickerExpo. Wow!

“The best conference there is—approachable trainers and top-quality, intelligent information.”

"Very applicable and inspiring. I was exposed to new ideas and had my understanding of old ideas revolutionized. I feel like the content is cutting-edge and pushing the boundaries of training. The community is loving and supportive... I came away energized!"
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Reserve your spot for ClickerExpo 2018 and a chance at your own "Wow" experience!

SoCal (Jan. 19-21) | St. Louis (Mar. 16-18)

A Phenomenal 2018 Program

These courses and activities will help you get to the next level of your development, and have a great time doing it! The heart of the ClickerExpo program is divided into “education themes,” essentially courses that are grouped together thematically. Themed courses are not necessarily in the same room, and the themes are not “tracks” into which you are locked. Pick and choose courses from many themes; consult the main schedule to avoid time conflicts.

  • Navigate the menu below to explore courses under any of the key themes. Some courses will be cross-themed, and so they are cross-listed.
  • When you click on a title, you will link to the detailed description of that course, including the name of the faculty member teaching it and the Experience Level to which it is targeted.
  • Any course title including “Learning Lab” indicates that is a Learning Lab linked to a Session.
  • There are more than 50 new courses for 2018; all are labeled New so you can find them easily. In the online conference schedule, the * mark also indicates a New course.

ClickerExpo 2018 - Education Themes

  • Trainer Skill Development - focused on the training skills and knowledge that are critical to trainers' continued development
  • Teaching People - focused on skills and knowledge related to teaching people
  • Aggression & General Behavior Management - content relevant to those working with behavior issues, including, but not limited to, management of reactivity and aggression
  • Science - focused on skill-building and knowledge through the lens of behavioral science
  • Shelter & Rescue - focused on issues common to shelter and rescue work
  • Competition & Sport - focused on canine sports and competitions
  • Veterinary - focused on skill-development and knowledge useful in veterinary environments
  • Business - focused on content for professional trainers looking to sustain and grow their business and improve their skills working with people
  • Equine - courses developed specifically for horse trainers and owners


Trainer Skill Development (back to top)

These courses focus on the training skills and knowledge that are critical to trainers' continued development. We have further divided these courses into two categories: Core Skills & Concepts and Developed Skills & Concepts.

Core Skills & Concepts

Core skills and concepts are at the heart of good training practices. A solid core will support your efforts to be creative, to self-assess, and to continue to learn. Core skills are needed at all levels and are skills that even trainers with extensive experience review and practice.

If you’re new to clicker training or uncertain about your skills and knowledge, review the day-by-day course guide.

Developed Skills & Concepts

Courses for the dedicated trainer who has a strong core of practical training experience and knowledge.

Teaching People (back to top)

These courses look at skill-building, practice, and knowledge related to teaching people.


Aggression & General Behavior Management (back to top)

These courses focus on content relevant to those working with behavior issues, including, but not limited to, management of reactivity and aggression.

Science (back to top)

These courses look at skill-building, behavior change, and the learning environment for animals and people through the lens of behavioral science.


Shelter & Rescue (back to top)

These course focus on issues common to shelter and rescue work and help attendees focus on this growing area of interest.


Leading edge content, awesome teachers
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SoCal (Jan. 19-21) | St. Louis (Mar. 16-18)

Competition & Sport (back to top)

These courses focus on canine sports and competition.


A welcoming community comes together
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SoCal (Jan. 19-21) | St. Louis (Mar. 16-18)


Veterinary (back to top)

These courses focus on skill-development and knowledge useful in veterinary environments.


This is our 15th Year! We're well vetted!
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SoCal (Jan. 19-21) | St. Louis (Mar. 16-18)

Business (back to top)

These courses focus on content for professional trainers looking for ideas to grow their business, manage their time, and improve their client communication. For a focus on Teaching in your business, be sure to check out the Teaching People education theme courses as well.

Let us help you succeed!
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SoCal (Jan. 19-21) | St. Louis (Mar. 16-18)

Equine (back to top)

These courses focus on skills for horse trainers and owners.


Horse courses in both locations, of course!
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SoCal (Jan. 19-21) | St. Louis (Mar. 16-18)


Love Those Learning Labs (back to top)

Learning Labs get dog-and-handler partners out on the floor to practice and hone new skills under the experienced eyes of ClickerExpo faculty members. Many Learning Labs are linked to Sessions so that you can attend the Session and then put into practice what you just learned—in the Learning Lab!

View the Learning Labs on the two right-hand columns of the conference schedule. Labs are marked on the theme lists above as well. SoCal, St Louis

Most Learning Labs have participation spots for handler–and-dog teams. Some Learning Labs are for humans only, and some are demonstration-focused. You can reserve a participation spot or attend as an observer. Read Learning Lab descriptions carefully to check for any prior experience or skill level prerequisite you and your dog must satisfy. In 2018, reserved dog-and-handler participation spots are just $7.95; this price is 50% off to celebrate ClickerExpo’s 15th anniversary celebration!

Remember, Learning Labs have a limited number of spots for dog-and-handler teams. These limits are set by the faculty members who lead the Labs in order to provide an excellent learning experience. Register early if you want to have working spots in the Labs.

No dog? No problem! Learning Labs are incredibly valuable learning forums for observers as well. For attendees without dogs, we have special seating arrangements in the Labs to optimize viewing.

It really is the BEST!
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SoCal (Jan. 19-21) | St. Louis (Mar. 16-18)


Nighttime and Mealtime Activities (back to top)

ClickerExpo attendees enjoy one another’s company! See all meals and events in SoCal or St. Louis.

  • Welcome Reception: Kick off ClickerExpo on Thursday evening with a complimentary welcome reception sponsored by Karen Pryor Academy.
  • Friday Night 15th Anniversary Prize-A-Palooza: What's better than winning a prize? Winning a BIG prize! That's what we have in store for you at this year's Friday Night 15th Anniversary Prize-A-Palooza! Attendees can kick back and relax with fun games, music, socializing, food, a cash bar, and the chance to win AMAZING prizes.
  • Saturday Night Conference Dinner: An evening of inspiration and lively conversation on Saturday night of the ClickerExpo weekend. This seated dinner will feature a facilitated panel discussion among members of the ClickerExpo faculty. It will provide the opportunity to ask question of the faculty members and network with each other.
  • Every day at lunchtime join in the roundtable discussions and connect with like-minded people on topics of mutual interest, or with people in your geographic area. Register for roundtable lunches to join the discussions.


Our 2018 Faculty & Speakers (back to top)

The ClickerExpo faculty is truly unique. From premier institutions and schools, they are an all-star group of top clicker trainers, competitors in canine sports, leaders and innovators in the field of operant conditioning, and outstanding teachers. See who’s teaching in SoCal, St Louis.

We can't wait to meet you!
SoCal (Jan. 19-21) | St. Louis (Mar. 16-18)

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