Watch ClickerExpo Sessions On-Demand

Stream ClickerExpo sessions right to your computer and mobile device with KPCT's Video On-Demand service!

Advantages of Video On-Demand over traditional DVD's or downloads

  • Unlimited viewing
  • Your own digital library - stored at no cost to you
  • No multiple disks or files to lose or misplace
  • Streaming through the industry's highest rated video service provider

FAQs about KPCT's Video on Demand Service

What is streaming?

Streaming sends your video over the internet. If you've watched movies from Netflix or HBO Go online, that's streaming.

If I pre-purchase videos during Expo registration, when do I choose which ones I want?

You do not have to select which videos you want until the sessions are available online following ClickerExpo.

Which Sessions will be available?

 We create a video recording plan which you can view during registration.

When can I access them?

ClickerExpo videos will be available in June following ClickerExpo. ClickerExpo 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, and 2010sessions are all available now.

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