Frequently Asked Questions, Rules, and CEUs



Registration Questions (back to top)

1. Choosing Labs and Sessions

In the schedule, which is a Session? Which is a Learning Lab?

In the ClickerExpo course schedule:

  • Sessions: The first four columns list the Sessions. These columns are labeled and color-coded to distinguish them from the Learning Labs. 8AM courses follow a Session format unless specifically noted.
  • Learning Labs: The last two columns list the Learning Labs. The two Learning Lab columns are also labeled and color-coded. 8am courses are not Learning Labs unless specifically noted.
Do I reserve a spot for particular courses?

All of the conference Sessions are open seating, however you must reserve your spot in Learning Labs during the registration process.

  • To work with your dog in Learning Labs, reserve a dog & handler spot in each Lab that you would like to participate in.
  • There are also Learning Labs designed specifically for humans (without their dogs). To participate in these Learning Labs, reserve a participant spot.
  • If you would like to observe a Learning Lab, reserve an observer spot.
How do I decide what courses to take?

See Choosing Your Courses.

What is included in the registration fee?

Your registration includes:

  • ClickerExpo registration includes access to more than 80 courses, including observer spots in Learning Labs (on a space-available basis)
  • The ability to reserve working spots in Labs. The fee for dog and handler spots in Learning Labs is $7.49 per Lab and participant spots are complimentary in celebration of our 15th Anniversary!
What's my limit on Learning Labs?
  • Each three-day registrant can reserve working spots in a maximum of four Learning Labs over the course of the three-day conference. Two-day registrants may sign up for two Labs, and one-day registrants for one Lab.
Do I have to pick one Lab per day, or can I take them any day I want?

You can schedule your Labs any way you choose. For example, if you are going for three days, you can participate in one Lab on Friday and two on Saturday, one each day, or three the same day. You choose what fits your schedule best.

Where can I find a schedule and detailed course descriptions?

You are able to access the schedule and/or detailed descriptions in several ways from the ClickerExpo home page:

  • From the right-side menu on the ClickerExpo home page, find your location and click on the “Conference Schedule” link for the schedule.
    • In the schedule, clicking on the name of any course will bring you the full description of that course.
  • From the main event page for Southern California or St. Louis choose the appropriate section.
If a Learning Lab is full, can I put my name on the waitlist and register for another Lab, even if it puts me over my Lab limit?

Yes. If the Lab you want is waitlisted, you can place your name on the waitlist and also select another Lab that is open. Here's how it works:

  • As attendees change their schedules, spots open up. Names are taken off the waitlist in the order they were put on.
  • If you get into the Lab for which you were waitlisted, you will be sent an e-mail that notifies you that there is space for you in that Lab.
  • You will have a limited time to accept the spot. Details will be provided in the e-mail.

Please note that you must go back into your registration record and delete any extra Labs as soon as you are notified about the waitlisted Lab. If you do not complete this step, prior to the start of ClickerExpo we will delete extra Labs without notice.

I was waitlisted for a Lab and I have not heard from you, but Expo is next week! Will you let me know if I get in?

If an opening occurs prior to the start of Expo, we will contact you to inform you that you have been registered for the Lab. Once Expo has begun:

  • If there is a Lab that interests you, check with the Expo Registration Desk for availability. If there is space they can register you for that Lab.
  • Open Labs are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
I signed up as an observer, but I would like to bring my dog to the Lab. Is this OK?

The options for Labs are:

  • Observer — you are going to the Lab to watch only. If you have a service dog or a small dog that fits under your seat, you may bring the dog with you, but you should not work with your dog during the Lab.
  • Dog & Handler — you will be bringing a dog with you and you will be working with your dog during the Lab. See participant notes in individual course descriptions for a more detailed understanding of the skills required and activities planned for each Lab.

In order to make the Lab experience comfortable for both people and dogs:

  • You can only bring a dog into the Lab if you sign up to do so ("with dog").
  • If you have a small dog that can fit under your seat, you may bring the dog in with you to observe, but only if you and your dog occupy the one seat. Observers will not be able to work with their dog during the Lab.

Service dogs are always welcome.

What's a prerequisite?

You will see that Learning Labs frequently list another course as a "prerequisite." To keep the Labs at the appropriate pace, faculty members will assume that you have attended the prerequisite Session.

  • If You Are a Participant: If you intend to work with your dog in a Lab, you must attend the prerequisite Session. The Labs build on the material in the prerequisite Session; you would have a difficult time keeping up with the Learning Lab if you did not attend the prerequisite Session.
  • If You Are an Observer: If you are attending a Lab as an observer, we recommend that you attend the prerequisite Session as well, but it is not a requirement. As an observer who has not attended the prerequisite Session, please refrain from asking questions during the Lab. Those questions were likely answered in the prerequisite Session.

In addition to prerequisite courses, you will see "Related" courses listed. These are not prerequisite courses, but are Sessions on a closely-related topic. If there is a Learning Lab associated with a related Session, it is listed as well.

Can I skip the prerequisite?

Participants in a Learning Lab may not skip the prerequisite Session. The purpose of the Lab is to put into practice concepts, skills, and ideas presented in the prerequisite course. The instructor will assume that you have been to the prerequisite Session and will conduct the Lab on that basis. Show that you respect other participants' precious time and get the most out of the Lab by attending the prerequisite Session.

If you are attending a Lab as an observer, we recommend that you attend the prerequisite Session as well, but it is not a requirement. As an observer who has not attended the perquisite Session, please refrain from asking questions during the Lab. Experience has shown that those questions were likely answered in the prerequisite Session.

2. Registration and Payment Process


I finished my registration, but didn't get a confirmation e-mail. Am I registered?

  • Once you have completed your registration online and you have entered the credit card information, please make sure to wait for the confirmation page. This page tells you that you are confirmed, and ensures that you receive a confirmation e-mail.
  • If a confirmation page does not pop up and/or you do not receive a confirmation e-mail, your charge transaction has not gone through.
  • Sometimes e-mails do not go through to recipients because of spam filtering (this is almost always the case with aol addresses). Please be sure that you have added to your email address book so that our e-mails get through to you.
I filled out the credit card information and then I received an error message. Do I need to start over?

If you get an error message during your transaction or the system times out and nothing happens for at least a few minutes, it means that the process is not finished and you have not been charged. If the process went through and registration was completed successfully, the system will send you a confirmation e-mail automatically.

I thought I registered, but then I received an "incomplete registration" e-mail. Does that mean I am not registered?
  • If you have gone through part or all of the registration process and you get an Incomplete Registration e-mail (and no confirmation e-mail), it means you are not registered and you were not charged. You will need to go back and register again. These messages are generated automatically and do not require a reply.
  • If you get no message (confirmed or incomplete), please check your spam and/or junk mail folders.
I can't get my credit card to go through. What do I do?

If the system will not take your credit card or paypal payment:

  • Please check to make sure you are using a credit card we accept.
  • Please be sure that the credit card info that you entered online matches exactly the billing info your credit card company has on file, or the card will not process. Do not hit the back button or close the window before the credit card has finished processing, or you will not be registered.

If the credit card transaction still does not go through, please email us at or call 1-800-47-CLICK.

I want to pay by credit card, but I don't feel comfortable doing it online. Can someone at the ClickerExpo office register me?
  • If you want to pay by credit card, please be assured that the registration system we use is a secure site for this transaction. If you register over the phone with us, we handle your registration and payment by going through the exact same online process. The only difference is that we type the information in the fields for you—your registration and credit card information go through the same way.
How can I find a roommate?

The best bet for finding a ClickerExpo roommate is to make contact through the many clicker training-related discussion lists, including our events on Facebook for Southern California and St. Louis. If you attended ClickerExpo previously, you may also use the ClickerExpo Yahoo Group. At this time we do not have room-sharing functionality built into registration.

3. Changing Your Registration

I want to change my record. Can I do that myself online, or does someone have to do it for me?
  • To make a change to your record, or to view your record at any time: Simply click on the link that was sent to you with your registration confirmation. When prompted, provide the e-mail address and reference number provided in the email.
  • Alternatively, go to and click on "Registration." On the registration page, click the button that says "Existing Registration" and enter your password and reference number there.
I made a change to my record. How do I know the change went through?
  • If you make a change to your registration record (such as adding a meal), you will receive an e-mail confirmation.
  • If you don't get a confirmation e-mail, it may mean the change did not go through. You will need to check your record and, possibly, make the change again.
  • Please be sure to confirm the change at the bottom of the page every time a change is made.

Do not wait until you are onsite at ClickerExpo to check your registration record for the first time.


Meals and Special Events (back to top)

Please see the Meals and Events page for Southern California or St. Louis for details on all meals and special events:


Dogs at ClickerExpo (back to top)

Please see Dogs at ClickerExpo.


CEUs (back to top)

Do I earn CEUs by attending?

Yes! ClickerExpo has received CEU accreditation from the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT), the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC), the American Association of Veterinary State Boards (RACE) , and Karen Pryor Academy (KPA).  

In 2018, attendees at ClickerExpo can earn the following credits:


  • 21 CEUs (or 7 per day)


  • 13.75 CPDT-KA CEUs (or approximately 6 per day)—These credits are for Certified Trainers
  • 16.25 CBCC CEUs (or approximately 5 per day)—These credits are for Certified Behavioral Consultants
  • Dog/Handler teams will earn 2.25 CPDT-CEUs for each Lab they participate in


  • 19 CEU credits 
  • Dog/Handler teams will earn additional CEUs for each Lab they participate in


  • 101.00 CE Credits (19.00 max)

Additional information will be shared with attendees in advance of the event.

Cancellation (back to top)

Please see the Registration page for Southern California or St. Louis for refund policies and key dates for each location:


Etiquette (back to top)

Can I record or videotape at ClickerExpo?

No videotaping or audio taping is allowed, except by special permission prior to the event. To inquire about recording at ClickerExpo, call 1-800-47-CLICK.

Cell phones/pagers

During the conference seminars and workshops, please silence all cell phones and pagers. Please take all private conversations into the hotel foyer/lobby areas while the speakers are presenting.