How Will You Prepare for ClickerExpo?

To get the most out of ClickerExpo, arrive well prepared.

If you are an experienced clicker trainer, choose and review materials from the list below that pertain to your favorite topics or to the work of the faculty members you'll be seeing.

If you are new to clicker trainingpick a few items from our Must-See or Read for Newcomers list to review. You may also want to prepare and bring a list of training obstacles you've encountered, and any questions about training you've never had answered to your satisfaction. Expo is the place for answers!

Attendees of all levels should keep practicing. One way of practicing is to do some trick training—it is both fun and excellent practice! Have a look at our vast collection of inexpensive and downloadable video lessons on trick training, or look at our convenient Click-a-Trick card set.

Recommended items can be purchased ahead of time at our online store or at ClickFlicks, our digital learning center. Just click on the appropriate link next to the title to select it in your preferred media. ClickFlicks features downloadable versions of many of our books and videos, as well as exclusive and free content. Lower prices, no shipping costs, and immediate availability make ClickFlicks a very convenient way to get your learning materials! And, don't forget clickers.

ClickerExpo also has a well-stocked onsite store of books, training gear, and sundry items that are both fun and useful.

Books and Videos are available in one or more of the following formats:

  • Print—Traditional book
  • DVD—Traditional DVD
  • VHS—Traditional VHS tape
  • PDF—Downloadable PDF File
  • eBook—Kindle-compatible format
  • ClickFlick—Streaming video online

If you are, or aspire to be, a professional trainer, the Dog Trainer Professional program at Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) is another learning experience you might consider. Our online Dog Trainer Foundations course is the ideal entry point for anyone considering a career in dog training or looking to broaden his or her dog training skills. KPA also offers online Puppy Start Right for Instructors, Shelter Training & Enrichment, and Canine Freestyle courses.

Must See or Read for Newcomers: Pick a Few

If you haven't read these books or watched these videos, be sure to order them now or pick up a copy at ClickerExpo.

Specialty Topics

Behavior and Learning Theory Horses
  • The Click That Teaches: Riding with the Clicker [print]
  • Clicker Training for your Horse [print]
  • The Click That Teaches: A Step-By-Step Guide in Pictures [print]
  • The Click That Teaches: An Introduction to Clicker Training [DVD]
  • The Click That Teaches 6: Shaping on Point of Contact [DVD]
  • The Click That Teaches 7: Tai Chi Rope Handling [DVD]
  • The Click That Teaches 10: MicroShaping [DVD]
  • The Click That Teaches 14: Poisoned Cue [DVD]
Birds and Small Pets Puppies
  • Getting Started: Clicking with your Rabbit [print, PDF]
  • Getting Started: Clicker Training for Birds [printPDF]
  • Poultry in Motion [DVD]
Canine Sports and Competition Reactive and Aggressive Behavior
  • Agility Right from the Start! [print, ebook]
  • Learning Games [printPDF]
  • Click Your Way to Rally Obedience[print]
  • Canine Freestyle 1 [online course]
  • Clicker Dances with Dogs [print,PDF]
  • Clicker Gundog [print]
  • Clicker Training for Obedience [print,PDF]
  • Click to Win: Clicker Training for the Show Ring [eBook]
  • Positive Gun Dogs [printPDF]
  • Tracking [DVD]
  • Try Tracking: The Puppy Tracking Primer [print]
  • Puppy Jumping [DVD]
  • Foundation Jumping [DVD]
  • Advanced Jumping DVD [DVD]
  • Tuning Up for Competition [DVD]
  • FlexAgility: Cavaletti [DVD]
  • Get SMART for Dog Sports [DVD]
  • Step Up to Platform Training [DVD]
  • Step Up Your Training for Dog Sports [DVD]
  • Nosework Search Games [DVD]
  • Civilizing the City Dog [print]
  • Click to Calm: Healing the Aggressive Dog [printeBook]
  • TACT: A Training Program for Dogs that are Fearful or Reactive Towards People [DVD]
  • Control Unleashed [print]
  • Chill Out Fido [print]
  • Feisty Fido [print]
  • How to Right a Dog Gone Wrong [print]
  • Behavior Adjustment Training [print]
  • Mine! A Practical Guide to Resource Guarding in Dogs [print]
Cats Shelter and Rescue
Grooming and Husbandry Assistance Dog
  • Click for Grooming, Handling, and Treatment [print]
  • Clicker Train Your Own Assistance Dog [DVDClickFlick]
  • Lending a Helping Paw: A Guide to Animal Assisted Therapy [print]
  • Step-by-Step for Mobility [PDF]
TAGteach ClickerTraining: Intermediate to Advanced
  • TAGteach Dance CD-ROM [CD-ROM]
  • Advanced Clicker Training [DVD]
  • The Shape of Bow Wow [DVD,ClickFlick]
  • Animal Training: Successful Animal Management through Positive Reinforcement [print]

Books and Videos by ClickerExpo Faculty (Past and Present)

Karen Pryor
Kay Laurence
Kathy Sdao Ken Ramirez
  • Know Way, Know How [DVD]
  • Improve Your I-Cue [DVD]
  • Advanced Clicker Training [DVD]
  • What a Cue Can Do: Developing Cueing Skills [ClickFlick]
  • Plenty in Life is Free [print, DVD]
  • Kathy Unplugged [DVD]
  • Does the Name Pavlov Ring a Bell? [DVD]
  • Get Smart for Dog Sports [DVD]
  • What Not to Err [DVD]
  • Animal Training: Successful Animal Management through Positive Reinforcement [print]
  • Concept Training: Copycat? Copy Dog![ClickFlick]
  • Smart Reinforcement [ClickFlick]
  • Simplifying Complex Training Tools[ClickFlick]
  • The Complete Trainer: A Road Map for Education & Skill Development [ClickFlick]
Emma Parsons Michele Pouliot
  • Click to Calm: Healing the Aggressive Dog [printeBook]
  • Click to Calm: Teaching a Reactive Dog Class I and II [ClickFlick]
  • Click to Calm: Click to Calm "Unleashed" [ClickFlick]
  • TACT: A Training Program for Dogs that are Fearful or Reactive Towards People [DVD]
  • Canine Freestyle 1 [online course]
  • Step Up to Platform Training [DVD]
  • Crosstrain! Teach Your Dog the Skills Critical for All Canine Sports [ClickFlick]
  • Going Up!: Elevating Your Freestyle Training with Platforms [ClickFlick]
  • Step Up Your Training for Dog Sports [DVD]
Alexandra Kurland Eva Bertilsson and Emelie Johnson Vegh
  • Clicker Training for your Horse [print]
  • The Click That Teaches: A Step-By-Step Guide in Pictures [print]
  • The Click That Teaches 1: Getting Started with the Clicker [DVD]
  • The Click That Teaches DVD Bundles[DVD]
  • Loopy Training: Efficiently Teach Complex Behaviors[ClickFlick]
  • Breakthrough! Six Powerful Strategies to Get You Through Training Blockages [ClickFlick]
  • Agility Right From the Start [print, eBook]
  • Agility Right From the Start: Foundation Skills [ClickFlick]
  • Shaping Procedures for the Agility Trainer [ClickFlick]
Cecilie Køste Debbie Martin
  • The 4 Secrets of Becoming a Super Trainer [PDF]
  • The Foundation Station: Clicker Training 101 [ClickFlick]
  • Puppy Start Right: Foundation Training for the Companion Dog [print, eBook]