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ClickerExpo St. Louis
March 16 - 18

2018 Reviews

-"So impressed with the breadth of knowledge and the varying levels of seminars offered. Everything from fun and fairly simple concepts to complex, academic lectures and Labs. I only wish I could have attended more of them! Some of the time blocks had multiple Sessions that I wanted to attend. It was hard to choose!"

-"Mind-melting weekend, in the best way!"

-"Truly, every speaker I was able to hear and every presentation I attended held a lot of value. The biggest advantage I get from ClickerExpo, though, is the renewal of interest and commitment to learning. I find myself a bit stagnant right about the end of the year, so Expo is a fantastic way to revive my love of training."

-"Really blown away by the wide variety of topics and the accessibility and openness of the trainers. It was an open forum, not 'this is our way and it's the only way.' [Expo] was an exchange of ideas and [it] opened people’s eyes to the possibilities of all that can be accomplished."

-"I loved the experience! The lectures and Labs were so informative, and everyone was so welcoming."

-"Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. The energy was palpable as soon as you hit registration!"

-"The best 3 days I spend all year. Such amazing talks, amazing faculty, amazing access to faculty for questions and conversations. A well-planned and well-staffed event."

2017 Reviews

-"Very applicable, and inspiring. I learned new ideas and had my understanding of old ideas revolutionized. I feel like the content is cutting edge and pushing the boundaries of training. The community is loving and supportive... I came away energized!"

-"Inspiring, validating, well-organized, comprehensive, and a great balance of topics, levels, sessions and labs."

-"When it comes to dog training conferences, it's the best one. The caliber of speakers alone is reason enough, but I especially appreciate the overall non-judgemental attitude the staff takes towards trainers who may not be fully crossed over or involved in clicker training yet."

-"I learned so much and came home so inspired to try out some new things!"

-"What I learn is invaluable, as are the experiences I have with other conference goers and the presenters. Just being in that environment felt healing and inspiring."

-"Regardless of level of knowledge and experience, there is always something new to learn. Even taking fundamental level classes can encourage a person to reconsider how and why training is done a certain way. I came away excited to try new techniques and understanding new ways to train cleaner and more effective."

-"I am new to clicker training as well as this community, and WOW. I am blown away, I feel apart of something truly spectacular and after this weekend I just want to run with the wind."

-"Love learning new things and reviewing concepts I am already using or am aware of. Great networking with other like minded individuals. I leave feeling more confident in my own skills as well as being challenged to improve my skills as a trainer."

2016 Reviews

-“Expo has amazing information for everyone, whether they are an everyday pet owner, a trainer trying to cross over to more up-to-date methods, or a die-hard clicker trainer or behavior specialist who wants to continue learning (because there is always something new to learn!).”

-“Sessions had such a wide range—from basic to advanced. There is something for everyone. The environment (people energy) was also the nicest I have been in for a conference.”

“ClickerExpo was amazing! What a great group of people! I’m left overwhelmed and will be integrating all the new information. Thank you!”

“I would recommend ClickerExpo to anyone interested in learning about clicker training or expanding his or her knowledge about animal behavior. Not only are the speakers brilliant, but the attendees are so welcoming and really make you feel like you are part of a great community.”

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to get a crash-course in science-based positive training. It’s also a great opportunity for advanced trainers to be reminded of what it was like when certain concepts weren’t obvious to us. I feel rejuvenated as a trainer, and can’t wait to get home to my animals and clients to apply what I learned.”

“This is an amazing opportunity to learn from the best in the business in their particular field of expertise. It is also a great opportunity to see old friends and meet new ones.”

-“I value ClickerExpo for the quality of information, the atmosphere, and the energy. I think anyone who works with animals can benefit from it. I recommend Expo to all of my trainer friends and serious clients. I brought a newbie with me this year and she loved it!”

-“The camaraderie was breathtaking. I never spent more than 5 minutes alone because new people would approach me and talk with me. I met so many wonderful people, and gained many new friends. ClickerExpo really emphasized that we can all learn something from each other."

“The educational process and the gathering of some of the most amazing trainers in the country make Expo worth attending, of course, but the community of like-minded people is rejuvenating and encouraging. When we are isolated by the small number of R+ trainers in different areas of the country, it can be difficult to find the positive and not feel discouraged. ClickerExpo is like a shot of courage to carry on, continue with the message. It makes it feel like there is a growing community that can support one another.”

“The quality and quantity of information presented in one place is unbeatable. You can’t help but become a better animal trainer.”

-“I can't think of another place where you can get so much inspiration, education, and networking in three days.”

-“Best Expo yet. How do you always exceed my expectations?”

2015 Reviews

" I came home and people said How was it? I said, I am INSPIRED and TIRED!! Exhausting and Stimulating, LOVED IT!"

"Wow as always! Of course there is plenty to learn at Clicker but I really enjoy the organization and efficiency and well thought out details of the entire weekend."

"I did not think I would like Clicker Training at all. I had tried using a clicker a few times, and it was awful, (my fault entirely) :). I learned so much and have changed my mind, now I am home practicing."

"I did experience the "Wow!" at Clicker Expo"

"I learned more than I expected. I have already adjusted my leadership strategy at work!"

"So impressed! I had a BLAST"

".. a lovely, warm, supportive atmosphere where everyone was very respectful of one another's space and dogs, and there were lots of folks willing to help you when you needed it. So just that overall experience of being able to bring my dog and enjoy interacting with her in such a supportive, safe environment with like-minded folks was really the clincher for me."

"It lights me up on every level, intellectually and emotionally!"

"The speakers are brilliant, dynamic and keep me engaged and wanting more. I also love the camaraderie, being around so many like-minded people. And this year I caught up with friends I haven't seen in three years. An all around warm-hearted weekend."

"I learned so much and had such a great time. It was great to have the levels listed with the classes, and great to have so many foundational and all levels classes."

"It is a fabulous place to really explore and learn about science based training techniques in a SAFE environment. No one will be judging or bashing. the collection of speakers is fabulous and approachable?."

"No matter who you are, if you work with animals or people, there is something for you. It is exciting, invigorating, and rejuvenating."

"It's one of the best conferences I have ever attended."

-"There are options for all experience levels and the speakers are world-class. The learning environment was wonderful."

"This was an extremely well run event with exceptional speakers and topics and an atmosphere of sharing and creativity that is unrivaled with any other professional conference I have been. I definitely plan to get back out as often as I can."

"LOVE it. It keeps me motivated and gives me new insight to the research that is happening now and in the future. It is rewarding to see the techniques that are used by so many of the talented presenters work with anyone who tries it."

"Cannot say it better than: LOVED IT!"

"This was my third clicker expo and I think it was the best one yet"

"Every year is better and better."

"Amazing organization! Everything was where it was, when it was supposed to be. Juggling so many simultaneous events is no small task, and yet you made it look easy - and with smiles! The one little snafu encountered (not getting both meal tickets for myself and my roommate) was handled with aplomb and a cooperative spirit. I had no doubts that it would be resolved, and it was."

"My only regret is that I could not get to every presentation. My brain would explode anyway."

2014 Reviews

"I learned a LOT. I found a community existed that I didn't know where else to find."

"I absolutely loved the choice of speakers. When there are hard choices to make over which session or lab to attend, you know it's a good conference. I thought the location was superb!"

"Good variety of sessions and speakers. Great content, lots of material to bring home and put to use."

"It is a really great way to learn more and practice what I learn. I always enjoy meeting other trainers and seeing all the different dogs."

"Amazing! Everybody is so friendly and open-minded, all the sessions were just perfect and so practically orient! And the overall atmosphere is gorgeous!"

2013 Reviews

"Loved the experience - amazing people and definitely the BEST training conference I've ever been to!"

"ClickerExpo was AMAZING! It was so fun being around so many positive people at once. I learned more than my brain could handle in one weekend and was so excited to get home and put everything I learned into practice. Everything flowed smoothly, meals were great, staff was very friendly and helpful, just all around awesome!"

"This is my third expo and I'm also a KPA-CTP. You would think I've seen it all by now. Not so! I give Stamford a Wow! precisely because there was new information, new concepts -- all expertly delivered, of course. Also a Wow! because the staff, volunteers and the sponsors all continued to be knowledgeable and helpful. What a group!"

"I really enjoyed ClickerExpo. It was a fantastic opportunity to explore interesting topics, hear wonderful presenters, and meet many people that I had only encountered "virtually" up until now."

"It was wonderful being in a supportive environment. I learned so-o-o much and really have a better understanding of why positive training works."

"Initially overwhelming- in a good way! So much to see! However, once I got settled I felt there was always someone available to answer my questions and point me in the right direction."

"I loved being part of a community of people so dedicated to clicker training and everything it stands for. Volunteering for this event was a lot of work, but so fun! The staff at Karen Pryor was a pleasure to work with."

"Now that I have a better understanding of ClickerExpo and have gotten much better at my use of the clicker and concepts, I really got alot out of this Expo. The trainers were wonderful and the hotel staff was great too. Really great experience at this one."

"The program seemed really together this year, and people asked really good questions. Everyone was friendly and seemed exceptionally outgoing."

"WOW All of the sessions I attended were great! There was too much to choose from and would have liked to be able to clone myself."

2012 Reviews

"I am a person who really likes theory: I want to know WHY something works rather than just learning techniques by rote. I know that if I understand the learning theory principles, I'll be able to solve problems independently in unique ways suited to the particular situation. So, Clicker Expo was great for me!"

"It was a phenomenal convention. It was my first, and I will definitely be returning."

"This one really clicked for me. Every speaker and lab I attended was fabulous. All the people and dogs and the hotel staff were so nice. Can't wait for next year."

"Wish it was longer so I could sample each of the speakers at least once (and my favorites more than once!) Wish my brain could hold onto more information! Wish I could spend a month studying with each speaker! (When I win the lottery, I'll spend a year traveling to attend each speaker's seminars/training!)"

"Great seminars and Labs! People were so complimentary to me and my dog, even when I thought we might have to leave early on because he was so over stimulated. (He did calm down. Whew!)"

"The staff and faculty were so wonderful. If I ever had any questions, they were right there to answer them! By far one of the best experiences!"

"So much information, I'm still processing it. It was my first time at Clicker Expo, and I really enjoyed. I will sign up for next year as soon as it's available!"

"I felt there was an atmosphere of openness and inclusion that was stronger than in previous expos I have attended - perhaps reflecting a maturing in philosophy, organizational growth, listening to the membership, etc. That was inspiring!"

"I am a teacher and I have been to several teaching conferences on a variety of topics. I have never been to a conference as willing to share information and with such a positive atmosphere! I have really enjoyed my experience and hope to attend again next year!"

"As usual a wonderful time with wonderful presenters and great topics."

2011 Reviews

"The caliber of the presenters and even the attendees is clearly the best in the world! I also LOVED bringing my dog TD. TD got so many compliments on his cute made dad's head so big! The dogs at the event are a real high point. I was also impressed at how nice and affordable the hotel was."

"I wasn't sure what to expect; but I was WOWed! Everyone was helpful, the seminars extremely informative."

"The speakers are knowlegeable, enthusiastic, and very approachable. The content was informative, timely, and helpful."

"ClickerExpo was everything that my friend, who encouraged me to attend, said that it was and more. Wonderful experience, especially for my first expo. Excellent group of attendees, including the dogs, who wanted to increase their knowledge and network with other people who believe in positive training for animals (nice positive vibe all weekend!)."

" ...I was very impressed and wanted to take time to let you know why. It was a real growing experience in an atmosphere that made it possible to absorb some very useful and meaningful information. The ideas presented will benefit both me and my dog in ways I can't even imagine!"

"I was impressed with the learning sessions. The speakers/teachers I heard were expert professionals with good examples/videos to illustrate the information. The 2 lab sessions I attended with my dog were well organized and I had a chance to practice the timing of my clicks and some training techniques: luring, shaping. The instructor in my lab was kind and supportive but I was somewhat overwhelmed because I am a novice. The lab I attended w/o my dog was also helpful because I was able to observe some techniques on delivering effective cues in training."

"First Clicker Expo, but I have friends who've attended more than once, so knew it would be good. Still, it was even better than I had hoped."

"Staff was well prepared, everything seemed to flow seamlessly. The tech support was awesome - there were only a couple of tiny glitches and those were handled immediately. The hotel layout was easy to navigate and the pet area was lovely. Hotel staff was friendly and helpful."

"This was my 7th? 8th? Expo, and it was definitely one of the best. Great experience. My primary regret is that I couldn't attend all of the sessions I wanted (a common complaint!). Best dog year ever, I think -- the most responsible I've seen people with their dogs. Great."

"I attended in Kentucky last year and thought it would be difficult to have a better experience. This year was even better. It may be that with more experience I am able to appreciate more nuance and variety."

2010 Reviews

" It's a bargain. Where else can you listen to a dozen different trainers? Ordinarily I'd easily pay more than $20-30 for a listening/audit seat for one trainer -- and you bring all of them to the same place and give me choices of 3 talks + 2 labs several times a day for 3 days. Awesome deal!"

ClickerExpo attendees talking in the halls

"The best qualified trainers, great information, great people, a lot of talent and knowledge in one place!"

"There is no where to get this quality of training and information but Expo."

"Best learning experience I've had in a long time!"

"Wonderful information for all levels of trainers!"

"It was a fantastic weekend! I knew I would learn, but I had no idea just how much!"

"Absolutely awesome. The best run conference I have ever gone to in my 62 years of life!!"

"This was my first expo and I'll be back!"

"ClickerExpo is a one of a kind event that all trainers & enthusiasts should attend at least once."

"The info to be attained at the Expo is priceless, and useful in all training settings."

2009 Reviews

"I have long experience as a corporate exec, giving and receiving at these kinds of events; professionalism both in terms of content, skills, presentation abilities, logistics and planning was uniformly outstanding."

"I was thrilled! Click and Jackpot to YOU!! Honestly, I came away with so much insight. The presenters were friendly and generous. The attendees were really balanced, wonderful people who seemed to always be ready to share creative solutions, be helpful if someone needed a hand and I never sensed a condescending air when a more experienced trainer was assisting a beginner. As I drove home, I was trying to determine why this experience was delightfully different than other conferences I have attended. And then it dawned on me...not only was I enjoying myself, I hadn't heard ANY complaints from griping, human barking, nobody muttering negativity under their breath! Bravo to Karen, Aaron and all of the production team responsible for putting together this Clicker Expo....a tremendous success!"

"I've attended before (Newport 2006) & I expected it to be fabulous. The freestyle lecture & lab put it over the top!"

"I had an amazing time, made new friends and learned just as much from attendees as presenters. It's an incredible experience and one every clicker fan needs to attend!"

"We had such a great time. This helped us implement a routine that we had been working at for sometime. Our students are thriving in just a couple of days. Not to mention that the dogs are excited."

"It is hard to single out one speaker. All of the sessions and labs I went to were very well done and extremely useful. I was surprised how useful the labs were even without bringing my dog."

"The Expo exceeded my already high expectations."

"Absolutely eye opening. I can't wait for the next one."

"The whole Expo was beautifully organized, great location, compilation of information, etc. BRAVO."

"My wrist is sore from writing down all the things I learned!"

2008 Reviews

"I feel blessed to have been able to attend."

"This has been an absolutely incredible experience for me and I truly thank ALL the speakers and organizers of this expo for their time, commitment, and sharing of knowledge.

I feel like a sponge that has barely begun to absorb. I look forward to the next conference.

I've spent the first 40 years of my life trying to find my purpose. I will spend the second 40 years enhancing the lives of dogs and people that I come in contact with, using the methodology of clicker training.

Thank you so much!"

"I had the wonderful opportunity to be coached as a trainer by one of your faculty in a session. (It was not her session, she was participating in the lab) It was GREAT getting detailed specific feedback about my mechanical skills. "

"Just 'thank you' for another wonderful experience!"

"Thank you for making this forum available. It has been life changing! I am very grateful..."

"I like the ability to attend any level of session. It is great to go to review foundation & learn higher level skills in the same weekend."

"It's amazing to have so many expert trainers in the top of their respective areas in one conference AND it's wonderful that the integration together is so seamless (many lectures mentioned/referenced other lectures and faculty). I only wish I could've been in two places at one time to see more sessions! Also, it was great that all of the faculty were so open to questions even outside of the sessions—such a great 'dream team' of friendly trainers!"

"Seeing and talking with the speakers—everyone was incredibly nice and easy to talk to."

"It was so wonderful having all of the dogs here. They were so well behaved and their handlers were super with them. "

"Keep the standard this high!"

2007 Reviews

"You learn so much no matter your level of training expertise"

"I think you did a great job of providing a wide range of choices at each session time, click!"

"I loved understanding the Science behind it all"

"I loved that there was lots of faculty at each others events. I had Virginia as a partner!"

"Willingness of everyone to talk through issues and help was also great"

"What great presenters!"

"The cueing, shaping and 101 seminars cleaned up all the misconceptions I had"

"I wish I could bring all my family, friends and students for info and inspiration"

"Not really all that important, but unexpected.. the food was really good"

"Shaping Sessions and Growing Your Business.. highlights for me"

2006 Reviews

"What a pleasure to be able  to spend this time with the 'heads of state' of Clicker training"

"The quality of staff and organization are outstanding"

"I need to come back!"

"Fabulous, accessible experts and attendees"

 "The Learning Labs were great; nothing beats hands-on. Also, they were low pressure and made me willing to participate"

"One of the best learning experiences of my life"

"Advance trainer material.. Just great.. I am one and it was  just as I had hoped"

"Best seminar I've ever attended (easy to understand and well organized)"

"Loved being coached in the labs"

"Every single session I attended was fantastic"

2005 Reviews

– "The best conference there is— approachable trainers and top quality, intelligent information."

– "Best Part? Learning Labs put the information in my body as well as in my head."

– "I had a huge 'aha' moment at almost every lecture or lab attended. I have learned so much and I am an experienced trainer."

– "The most valuable part to me is the visible and approachable faculty.  No question is too small or problem too large … they are all so passionate and love what they do so much it is hard not to be moved and inspired."

– "I've read about clicker training but didn't really get [it] until I attended ClickerExpo."

– "I will remember this and keep everything with me for a lifetime."

– "My expectation for ClickerExpo was to learn the patches for holes in my training mechanics. Coupling the teaching theory sessions with the practical learning labs provided the threads to weave the patches. Thank you for an extraordinary three days with engaging coaches."

"[ClickerExpo] has been motivating, eye opening and encouraging. This experience helps me view my dog with a different light and new anticipation and respect"

"My first intro to clicker training was five years ago..At that time I thought I knew what I needed to know. How wrong I was!"

 [Best part of Expo is:] "Passion of the Speakers. It rubs off!"

2004 Reviews

"A memorable learning experience"

"Revolutionary and brilliant… the future of dog training"

"Excellent! Topics were varied and appealed to different training levels"

"A great opportunity for both those new to clickertraining and those who want to move to the next level"

"This was a life-changing experience for me!"