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On My Mind: ClickerExpo in Norfolk, Virginia—This Friday!

I can hardly wait! Let me tell you a bit about what to expect:

New themes

On My Mind: Too Many Birds

Bird friends

On My Mind: ClickerExpo Is Coming!

This year’s January ClickerExpo will take place in southern California (Long Beach) aboard the (docked) art-deco luxury li

Thank You and Happy Holidays

As the holiday season approaches and the calendar year ends, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you.

The Power of Conditioned Stimuli: Bossed Around by My Teakettle

Tea for two

Years ago Kay Laurence was visiting Boston and staying at my apartment. Kay and I both like a cup of tea in the morning. I boiled water in an old stainless steel Revere Ware kettle I inherited from my stepmother about a million years ago. Kay made me a present of an electric teakettle. The electric teakettle looked a lot like my old stainless steel teakettle and was the same size, but it had a built-in plastic base that plugged into the wall. It boiled much faster and was a whole lot easier to clean. I threw the ancient Revere Ware kettle away.