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Karen's Letters

On the Road Again

I recently gave public lectures in St. Louis and Denver, as combined benefits for each city's zoo and humane society. In both cities, these organizations promote and use clicker training.

As Clicker Training Develops

Clicker training doesn’t stay the same. With so many skilled users now, and the Internet to keep us all in touch, we’re going further and further up the mountain.

Debunking Dominance Theory

Throughout the pet business right now, "dominance theory" is a popular explanation for absolutely anything that happens, from a puppy tugging on your trouser leg to birds flying up instead of down. Conquering "dominance" has become justification for absolutely any punishment people can think up.

The Uses of Pandemonium—A Trainer's Take on Good Morning America

Sandra, an executive with the New York Humane Society, sometimes takes adoptable dogs on Good Morning America. Sandra tells me it's usually just her, the dog, the hosts, the set, and the cameras.

But this time it's not like that.

Clicker vs. Traditional Training: What's the Real Difference?

I was talking on the phone recently to a magazine writer—a nice guy who used to be a working cowboy. He spends a lot of time thinking about kind vs. cruel animal training.  "So, is that the real difference between clicker training and traditional training?" he asked. "Is it that one is more positive than the other?