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Karen's Letters

Taking it on the Road

I've upgraded my hairstyle. I've been power-walking to build extra stamina. I'm practicing sound bites, using eye makeup, studying Diane Sawyer's wardrobe, and trying to figure out if it's possible to train dogs on camera while wearing jewelry and a skirt—never mind the high heels. ClickerExpo faculty member Joan Orr calls this look "Book Tour Karen." I guess it is! Reaching the Animal Mind will be published officially on June 16, 2009, with television appearances and plenty of press interviews to follow.

Reaching the Animal Mind...at last!

For several years I've been hard at work on a new book. Now it's being published by Scribner, a division of Simon and Schuster, on June 16, 2009, and we'll start shipping orders for autographed copies on that date. 

Lick It!

Karen Pryor Academy's Dog Trainer Program combines online education, at-home training exercises, and a series of workshops with a KPA faculty member. One of the first exercises in the online web lessons is to teach your dog to lick its lips, on purpose, for a click and a treat at home.


February means Valentine's Day, a happy time for me as a child. I lived with the principal of our school, Mrs. Sturley, who set up a card table in the parlor so I could spend hours pasting together the paper, lace, stand-up figures, and stick-on hearts and lovebirds to make twenty-one special valentines for my twenty-one classmates. Sometimes I signed mine; sometimes, daringly, I wrote "Guess who?"

A New Year's Exercise for Grownups: Changing your View

Here's an exercise anyone can try.

During the day, make a point of noticing something someone else is doing that you like—someone at work, someone at home, a stranger even. It need not be something unusual. It can be something you already expect them to do anyway.