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Test Your Timing with These Online Tools

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Test Your Skills

Improve your clicker training skills online. There are a few places tucked away in the ether of the world wide web that can you help you improve your clicker training, or help you see what its like. Here are a few with our comments. Know additional sites? We'll let people know!

Bird in the Skinner Box: No longer available

This clicker training simulation is really quite fun and helps you practice deciding what to reinforce and then clicking for that and only that. You can see your results because a graph logs your real time your progress. You may not get quite the same level of linear response in real life but that's not what this game is all about. It helps you practice choosing what to reinforce and practice reinforcing it. A fun way to get acquainted with and practice a little clicker magic and.... with birds no less. Great warm-up for clickertraining for birds

Reflex tester: No longer available

The reflex tester is fun and as the website says "it's addictive." It's value is with the practice you get in watching, waiting and clicking. But like some other sites reviewed here, it doesn't help you recognize the moment. Instead, you know what the moment is going to be and you practice capturing it. Still, this definitely has value for those who feel their connection between recognition and action is way behind.

Dot Time:

This do time quiz is kind of fun but not sure that it helps with clicker training all that much as a key skill in real world clickertraining is recognizing the moment you ought to click. Still for those with fast mice on their desktop (not me, mine always get stuck) this can be reinforcing!

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Reflex Tester: Available Here


Casey Lomonaco, KPA CTP, APDT
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Bird in the Skinner Box Link

Bird in the Skinner Box Link (12/29/06):


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