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Off the Beaten Path

An Easter Egg Hunt for Your Cat

Finding ways to keep an indoor cat entertained and active can be difficult. However, with a little creativity and a clicker, it's easy to come up with new and fun ways to enrich homebound animals.

Teaching Clicker Training Across Borders

Virginia Broitman and Sherri Lippman are the expert training team behind the Bow Wow videos and seminars, and veteran members of the ClickerExpo faculty. While the training team is accustomed to traveling for workshops and consultations, the concept of travel took on a new dimension when the pair traveled to Taiwan in February 2006 to present their training seminar to trainers and pet owners.

Will You, Won't You, Will You Dance with Me?

Whether you know it as canine freestyle or heelwork to music—or you've never heard of this new dog sport at all—the time has come to dance with our dogs.

Click and Laugh

This happened almost two years ago but I'll never forget it. I was training my then 6-month-old female Boxer pup, Tir na nOg, and I was attempting to teach her to "Stay" on her bed. She knew the cue to "Go to her Bed" and if I asked for it she would do it.

This one night I happened to have ordered some takeout food and was sitting down on the couch to watch TV and eat. I asked Tir to go to her bed and while EXTREMELY reluctant she did it. She kept staring at me and wanting to get up to come over but I would give her the "Look" and she wouldn't move.

Ridin' the Storms Out

During the hurricane season of 2004, Florida endured a phenomenon never before encountered in recorded history. The "Sunshine State" took the brunt of not one, not two, not three, but four major hurricanes! Three of these amazing storms, Hurricanes Charley, Frances, and Jeanne, blew directly through Central Florida and impacted the two animal facilities maintained by Natural Encounters, Inc. (NEI).