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Click for Joy! Questions and Answers

Click for Joy!

Everywhere dogs and their people gather, clicking - and questions about clicker training - can be heard. Now Melissa C. Alexander, moderator of the online discussion forum ClickerSolutions, has gathered clear and accurate answers for over one hundred commonly asked questions about clicker training in one essential reference.

About Melissa C. Alexander

During a Web search in 1998, she stumbled across clicker training and hasn't looked back since. Much of her early education came from the Internet, but as she began attending camps led by Bob and Marian Bailey, Sue Ailsby, and other positive trainers, she grew dissatisfied with mailing lists that frequently resorted to punishment to "fix" problem situations.

Click for Joy: Publishers Note

If you're just starting out in clicker training, you've got lots of questions. And I bet I know what most of them are. They're the questions experienced clicker trainers and teachers hear over and over from clients, students, and friends… "Why can't I just use my voice?" "Will I always have to carry a clicker and treats?" "What if the dog doesn't do what I want?" "Help! My dog is afraid of the clicker!"

Click for Joy: Reviews

"Click for Joy! makes the concepts of clicker training simple to understand and easy to apply. Recommended for anyone teaching or attending clicker training classes."
~Gerilyn Bielakiewicz, co-founder of Canine University and author of The Everything Dog Training and Tricks Book