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KPCT Podcasts

Podcast: Excerpt from Don’t Shoot the Dog

This month's podcast is a selection from the Don't Shoot the Dog audiobook.

Podcast: Aggressive Dogs: Nature or Nurture?

In this month's podcast, Aidan Bindoff discusses dogs' aggressive behavior. Aidan asks, "Are aggressive dogs born aggressive, or is the aggression a result of the dog's upbringing and training?" Listen to the podcast (available at the bottom of the page) to learn more about aggression as an operant behavior, and how to deal with the issue in training. Read the original article here.

Podcast: Karen Reads from Reaching the Animal Mind

You'll enjoy listening to Karen's own podcast (available at the bottom of this page), comprised of audio selections from her latest book, Reaching the Animal Mind. In this podcast, Karen talks about communicating with other species and how animals are able to "talk" to us through clicker training. To learn more about this topic and many more, order your own copy of Reaching the Animal Mind today!

Podcast: Debbie Martin Reads Selections from Puppy Start Right


Podcast: Kimberly Davis Reads Selections from Teaching the Dog to Think

This month's podcast is an excerpt from Teaching the Dog to Think, an engaging memoir by Kimberly Davis.