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Crime and Negative Punishment: How to Eliminate Unwanted Behavior in a Toddler

Hey, this stuff works across species!

This isn't really news. Most of us know that operant conditioning is the primary method of learning, and the best method for teaching across the animal kingdom. But sometimes it's easy to forget that it works just as well on people.

Clicking Below the Surface

Last month I went out to Seattle to get to know Karen Pryor Academy's first class made up of international students exclusively: one from Hong Kong, two from Taiwan, two from Israel, one from Finland.

How to Raise a Good Pirate

On a recent beautiful autumn morning (I'm writing from Tasmania, Australia), my wife and I took our daughter, Charlotte, on an outing to the park. There were half a dozen other kids there, all scrambling over the fort and slide together.

Summer Fun

I've always been interested in play. Science doesn't explain it very well, or it's explained as something young animals do to practice future skills. But that definition doesn't cover every kind of play, and it doesn't explain why it's so much fun, so reinforcing in itself.

An Update: Books, Movies, Glamour—and the Canary

When I wrote the first edition of Don't Shoot the Dog, back in the early 1980s, I intended it as a handbook for helping PEOPLE dealing with people.