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Clicking for Oil: The Tale of the Fuel Storage Tank Inspector

How Bob the UST [Underground Storage Tank] Inspector had to choose what was more important: compliance or enforcement

TAGteach International LLC Launches Newer, Faster Teaching Methods for Coaches and Teachers

Waltham MA (PRWEB) June 1, 2004 - TAGteach International, LLC

Karen Pryor, a leading behavioral scientist, author, and pioneer in the field of positive reinforcement learning, announced today that she has joined with the founders of the TAGteach™ method to develop and promote the company's revolutionary teaching system.

Clicking Bodies and Minds

Ask any of these little TAG-taughts (or "TAGtots," as we've begun calling them) why they landed on their rump during a beam dismount or why they didn't make their full twisting layout on trampoline. The answer you are least likely to hear is "I don't know." Instead, she will probably name a specific TAG point she thinks needs to be adjusted. "Ooops! I must have let my knees bend on the takeoff." She is just as likely to list the TAG points that were done with perfection. "Did you see that? I landed with my weight pressed equally on both feet." These gymnasts have been given the keys to think through their own performance, identify problems, and find the solutions.

Clicker Training for Gymnasts

In February, I traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina, to spend a few days with gymnastics coach (and ClickerExpo faculty member) Theresa McKeon, her husband Brian, and their kids. While the purpose of my trip was to visit with Theresa and her clicker-trained gymnastics students, after single-digit temperatures in Boston during most of January, the balmy early spring of Charlotte was a blessing. Early crocuses, a few cardinals, and robins starting to sing a little. Theresa's horses were lying on their sides in the pastures, soaking up the sun.

Learning a New Language with the Clicker

"To do all this looks like a lot of effort and waste of time," our clickerwise student writes. "But it really wasn´t. Crazy as it may sound, it was fun! I passed the test successfully. I made some grammatical mistakes but I could remember all words I had taught myself with the clicker perfectly!"