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Clicker Training with Cats on CNN

NEW YORK - May 2003, CNN's Jeanne Moos caught up with Karen for an interview while she was speaking to the Wildlife Conservation Society at the Bronx Zoo. The resulting piece, which ran on CNN News world wide, makes Karen's point clear: the lives of cats, big and small, are benefiting from the positive effects of clicker training.

Some Bosses Are Barking Up the Wrong Tree

If you want better employees, maybe what you need is a little dogged pursuit. That strategy has worked for years in Karen Pryor's world.

Practicing the Flute Backwards

I've recently begun using the technique of backchaining in my daily flute practice routine. What I have found is an efficient, stress-free, and satisfying way to learn music, which also makes it more enjoyable to perform, as many of the elements that cause performance anxiety are no longer present when a piece is prepared this way.

Kindness First

In the signature line of my e-mail, I include the following quote by Frederick W. Faber:

"Kindness has converted more sinners than zeal, eloquence, or learning."

The mid-nineteenth century theologian was, no doubt, referring to religious conversion, but I have found the quote inspiring in all aspects of my life, especially when teaching people about dogs and clicker training.


Children's Novelist Discovers Clicker Training

When I got Josey, my first horse, I was thirteen and she was six months old. I trained her myself, without any experience or experienced help. How on earth did I do it? I wonder now. I had some books, but they were much farther down the road of understanding than I was. As I say in my new novel, Shaper, it was like trying to read Shakespeare without even knowing the alphabet. Josey and I survived.