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As Clicker Training Develops

Clicker training doesn’t stay the same. With so many skilled users now, and the Internet to keep us all in touch, we’re going further and further up the mountain.

The Latham Letter on Reaching the Animal Mind

Is your copy of Don't Shoot the Dog! worn out? Have you lent it to so many people that you can't remember who forgot to return it most recently? Don't despair—Karen Pryor's new book, Reaching the Animal Mind, is here and it's a gem. Packed full of cutting edge science on neurology and interspecies communication, Pryor's clear, witty and engaging writing entices readers to learn about shaping, communicating, feelings, creativity, attachments, fear and the neuroscience underlying it all.

Podcast: Karen Reads TAGteach Selections from Reaching the Animal Mind

You'll enjoy listening to Karen's own podcast (available at the bottom of this page)—audio selections from her latest book, Reaching the Animal Mind. In this podcast, Karen talks about TAGteach and how it can be used to improve athletic performance. To learn more about TAGteach, head on over to the website. To learn about how to become a TAGteacher, take a look at the new online TAGteach certification course. To read more from Reaching the Animal Mind, order your copy today!

The Uses of Pandemonium—A Trainer's Take on Good Morning America

Sandra, an executive with the New York Humane Society, sometimes takes adoptable dogs on Good Morning America. Sandra tells me it's usually just her, the dog, the hosts, the set, and the cameras.

But this time it's not like that.

Podcast: Crime and Negative Punishment: How to Eliminate Unwanted Behavior in a Toddler

Listen to Laura's podcast (available at the bottom of the page) to find out more about how operant conditioning can be used effectively to calm a toddler's temper tantrum.