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Feisty dog? Relax the handler!

From the Click-L mailing list... One of the greatest challenges faced by handlers of reactive dogs is that the handler's own tension is transferred down the leash to the dog. The dog, feeling that tension becomes even more reactive, which creates greater tension in the handler—a terrible cycle! The Click-L list discussed how instructors of reactive dog classes could teach the handlers to relax themselves.

Focus on the positive!

A new Yahoo Group mailing list called Positive Weight Control got off to a roaring start this summer. Traditionally, the focus of a diet is what you can't have, what you're giving up, what you're forcing yourself to do that you really don't want to do. The members of the Positive Weight Control list decided they would rather focus on the good things they were adding to their lives and what they were getting in return.

Clicker training your spouse

We've touched on this topic before, but thanks to Amy Sutherland's recent article in the New York Times, entitled "What Shamu Taught Me About a Happy Marriage," the newswires, blogs, and TV screens are all abuzz with the concept of clicker training your household partner and family members.

ClickerExpo 2007: Training with the Stars!

The new ClickerExpo.com is now live, including registration for ClickerExpo Los Angeles (Jan. 26-28, 2007)!
We've listened to all the attendee surveys and feedback, and we've kept all your favorite parts of Expo, while making lots of improvements:

Clicker Training on Taiwanese TV

Virginia Broitman and Sherri Lippman, ClickerExpo Faculty and creators of the "Bow Wow" video series, were recently in Taiwan spreading the word. Well, we just came upon these clips from Taiwanese TV of Virginia and Sherri taking it to the streets! Check them out!