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5 Reasons Behavioral Science Nerds Love ClickerExpo


Clicker Training in the OR: Karen Pryor’s Latest Research

As Research Director for KPCT, Karen Pryor has been as involved as ever with positive rei

Clicker Trained Rodents “Rat Out” Deadly Disease

We have all heard of the countless ways dogs have been trained to use their extraordinary sense of smell to save human lives.

You Knew It: Dogs Have Feelings, Too

Science is showing what animal trainers, owners, and lovers have known forever: dogs feel some of the same emotions as humans.

What Sea World has Taught Us

We at KPCT are deeply saddened by the death of Sea World Trainer Dawn Brancheau. It is a very unfortunate accident that has left many wondering how can something like this ever happen. The argument that this should never have happened is misguided.