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ClickerExpo 2017: A Top-10 Animal Training Conference!

In a recent post, The Modern Dog Trainer included Karen Pryor Clicker Training’

Earn CEUs from Karen Pryor Academy!

Great news! You can now earn CEUs for IAABC and CPDT by enrolling in the Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Program! Along with all the other benefits — a great education, business training, marketing support and more — you can add CEUs (22 for CPDT and 20 for IAABC)! 

Learn more about Karen Pryor Academy:

Training in the Multi-Animal Household

I've seen this topic come up on multiple mailing lists recently: "I have two <insert favorite animal>.

Stages of Learning

Do you play piano? I bet you learned to finger the notes, and read the music, and even the basic theory fairly quickly. At that point would you say you have "learned to play the piano"?

The Myth of "Purely Positive"

Earlier this month on the ClickerSolutions mailing list, a list member used the term "purely positive," a