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On Fear and Aggression

People call many behaviors aggression, and talk about "treating" aggression as if it were a medical entity, like a staph infection. It's as if any display of symptoms confirms the existence of a full-blown case for which known treatments exist.

What Can You Do with a Dog in Five Minutes?

A New Year begins your orders are flooding the website and making the phones ring clicker training is on the rise. At the end of January I taped a spot for WNBC Nightly News in New York (local New York news, not national). They wanted to do something on clicker training. I arranged to give a clicker "in-service" training at the Brooklyn animal shelter, to a bunch of eager young animal control officers with some hilariously off-the-wall half-grown dogs. The staff watched me click the first dog or two, then grabbed their clickers and soon were clicking dogs effectively right and left.

Welcome to a New Year

Something tells me it's going to be a big year for clicker training.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of doubters out there, especially in the dog performance world. You've probably heard them. "Well, clicker's fine for pets or tricks, but if you really need reliability, you've gotta get tough."

Click To Win: Reviews

"You have awakened me with how to train for the show ring. I'm ever so grateful for that and also the fun games that never end! I personally can't wait to get another colt or filly to break in using the clicker. Their learning will be so much faster and a lot more interactive as well."

Saskia, New Zealand

i-Click: Reviews

The clicker works well. I would recommend it to friends. I like the feature that you can place it on the floor and use it to have hands free. I will be trying it with my handicapped friend to see how he can use it. He shakes a lot when working with his dog maybe using his feet will help him.

~Kathy W