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Click for Joy: Reviews

"Click for Joy! makes the concepts of clicker training simple to understand and easy to apply. Recommended for anyone teaching or attending clicker training classes."
~Gerilyn Bielakiewicz, co-founder of Canine University and author of The Everything Dog Training and Tricks Book

Clicking With Your Dog: Reviews

I just wanted you to know i have this book and i love it. I am a trainer of 2 years and a vet tech of 10 years. I am pretty new to clicker training and I am currently clicker training my border collie mix pup. I have found this book fun and easy to use. I am talking more and more about clickers to my students at PETsMART. We offer a clicker class there but there is not a big demand for it...? I am really trying to get the word out about clickers. So far 3 of my students have purchased the book! They have all said good things about it also!

This is my first visit to your web page, glad I found it. I also just watched a clicker puppy video with you in it..from Education Direct.

Clicking With Your Dog: Table of Contents

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Clicking with Your Dog: Step-by-Step

This book demonstrates over 100 clicker behaviors, all in easy step-by-step pictures. Even beginners can easily see how to use clicks and treats, instead of force and corrections, to teach a dog to:

Click for Joy: Publishers Note

If you're just starting out in clicker training, you've got lots of questions. And I bet I know what most of them are. They're the questions experienced clicker trainers and teachers hear over and over from clients, students, and friends… "Why can't I just use my voice?" "Will I always have to carry a clicker and treats?" "What if the dog doesn't do what I want?" "Help! My dog is afraid of the clicker!"