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Click To Win: Reviews

"You have awakened me with how to train for the show ring. I'm ever so grateful for that and also the fun games that never end! I personally can't wait to get another colt or filly to break in using the clicker. Their learning will be so much faster and a lot more interactive as well."

Saskia, New Zealand

i-Click: Reviews

The clicker works well. I would recommend it to friends. I like the feature that you can place it on the floor and use it to have hands free. I will be trying it with my handicapped friend to see how he can use it. He shakes a lot when working with his dog maybe using his feet will help him.

~Kathy W

Click for Joy: Reviews

"Click for Joy! makes the concepts of clicker training simple to understand and easy to apply. Recommended for anyone teaching or attending clicker training classes."
~Gerilyn Bielakiewicz, co-founder of Canine University and author of The Everything Dog Training and Tricks Book

Clicking With Your Dog: Reviews

I just wanted you to know i have this book and i love it. I am a trainer of 2 years and a vet tech of 10 years. I am pretty new to clicker training and I am currently clicker training my border collie mix pup. I have found this book fun and easy to use. I am talking more and more about clickers to my students at PETsMART. We offer a clicker class there but there is not a big demand for it...? I am really trying to get the word out about clickers. So far 3 of my students have purchased the book! They have all said good things about it also!

This is my first visit to your web page, glad I found it. I also just watched a clicker puppy video with you in it..from Education Direct.

Clicking the Show Dog

"Shaping" is a new technique for turning show dogs into winners. My friend Barbara loves Great Danes and enjoys showing her dogs but her new Great Dane, Heather, was frustrating her. Barbara showed Heather in her first puppy class at 8 months. When the judge leaned over to touch the dog, Heather ran behind Barbara and wouldn't let the man near her. Heather disqualified herself because of her seemingly poor temperament. She was terrified of strangers. It looked as if Heather's show career was over before it had begun.