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Special Situations

How to Prepare Your Pet for Health Care and Grooming

Pets have to tolerate not-so-pleasant procedures during grooming or veterinary care. But it's hard to convince a feisty Fido that it's great fun to be held down while the vet puts drops in his ears! On your own at home, without the benefit of practiced technique and extra pairs of hands, a task like that can be more of a wrestling match than a calm medical procedure.

Harmony at Home: How to Prepare Your Dog for a New Baby

There is nothing more exciting, or more anticipated, than the arrival of a new baby. Whether a family is adopting or experiencing a pregnancy, expecting a baby brings on many hopes, dreams, and questions. Often, some questions focus on the relationship between the family's four-legged "baby" and the soon-to-arrive human baby.

But How Do I Get His Attention? Clicker Training Tips for the Deaf Dog Owner

As clicker training becomes a more popular and widely-used method of dog training, many pet dog owners are interested in learning more about it. Positive reinforcement training methods are generally described as requiring the sound of a clicker or a marker word. Understandably, training instructors and owners of deaf dogs may not know exactly how to utilize clicker training for these special dogs. In fact, a common lament of deaf dog owners is, "Sure, I would like to train my dog, but if he can't hear me, how do I get his attention?"

Aggressive Dogs: Nature or Nurture?

"Aggressive dogs aren't born, they're raised that way."

How many times have you heard this statement? Have you ever wondered how much truth there is to it?

Training Your Dog to Recognize a Smoke or Fire Alarm

Reacting appropriately to the sound of a smoke or fire alarm is an important skill to teach a dog, especially a Service Dog assisting a person with a hearing impairment. Pet dogs can also be taught to recognize these alarms, and to alert owners who are such heavy sleepers that they would not wake up on their own.