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Special Situations

An Introduction to Emma Parsons’ New Book: Teaching the Reactive Dog Class

Editor’s note: One of the most common, yet also most challenging, behavior problems that dog trainers are asked to address is reactivity.

Therapy Dog Training: Becoming a Therapeutic Team

Molly plays to her strength

I teach therapy dog training classes, but that's a bit of a misnomer. The classes are not dog training classes in the traditional sense. They are really all about relationship-building, developing partnerships that will enhance the well-being of others.

Consider the following:

Molly trots down the hallway between me and a student. Intermittently, she glances up at me and toward the student who holds her leash. Molly and I are in the process of teaching a high school student with autism how to use a visual schedule (pictures listing a series of activities). Nearing the end of the hallway, we enter the classroom.

New Year’s Resolutions: Making Your Plan for Success

The starting bell

Saving Dogs in Cyprus: KPA Shelter Course Graduate Making a Difference

A pioneer overseas

Carole Husein, one of the first graduates of the new KPA Shelter Training & Enrichment course, is putting to good use everything that she learned in the course recently. Not only is she integrating lessons and tips from the Shelter course in her dog training business, School for Dogs, but she is making tremendous improvements in the lives of rescue dogs. Working through CyDRA (Cyprus Dogs Rehoming Association), an organization that supports private rescue kennels (Carole is the group's education and training coordinator), she oversees a private rescue kennel herself. Carole's volunteer and professional work is in Cyprus, a tiny ancient island in the Mediterranean, located south of Turkey, west of Syria and Lebanon, and northwest of Israel.