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Ask the Expert: Q&A

Child Guests Scared of Dogs

Q: During the holidays last year, we had a young relative visit our home who was terrified of our dog, who is a little excitable but very good natured. I couldn't seem to convince the child—or his parents—that there was nothing to be afraid of. What can we do for such encounters in the upcoming holiday season?

Overcoming Fear of the Clicker

Q: I've successfully clicker trained my dogs in the past, but I now have a retriever who's scared of the clicker. The sound bothered him at first, and now he won't respond to anything I've tried—he heads for the hills as soon as I take the clicker out. What can I do?

Preventing Jumping on Strangers

Q: Can you give me some pointers for using clicker training to stop my dog from jumping on visitors? I have gotten her to stop jumping on family and frequent visitors, but new people are at her mercy.

Introducing Dogs to a New Baby

Q: How should I introduce my two dogs to our new baby?

Playing Tug Games by Your Rules

Q: My puppy bites at my loose trouser leg and shakes it. I tried growling and shaking my leg, which made it worse, so I tried ignoring it, but that hasn't worked either. What can I do?