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There Are a Million Reasons to Go to ClickerExpo—and You Only Need One!

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People attend ClickerExpo for many reasons, and they often tell me what brought them halfway around the world or just around the block.

Many attendees say they “wouldn't miss it for the world.” ClickerExpo recharges them for learning, reconnects them to colleagues, and reinvigorates their passion for their work or sport. Others come because their wish “ClickerExpo is finally in my neighborhood” is fulfilled. Still others come because they promised themselves a gift—and Expo is it!

Some people come for the unique opportunity to be at a single conference and learn from a amazing collective of amazing speakers all in one place. Or, because it’s the pace where “their people” gather; where the “clickerly way” is deeply embedded in the culture of the conference and in the commitment to positive reinforcement training is palpable. Expo is a place they feel at home.

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One contingent of attendees comes because those people know they can get both canine and equine education in one conference. Others come for the “unique mixture of behavioral science and training application under one roof.” Still others come for winning and fun—to learn what will make them a “more effective team” with their dogs on the course or in the ring. Many people attend Expo because they can get the skills that will help them be their best innovative selves when teaching training. And, there are those that come to help grow and manage their training businesses.

People travel to ClickerExpo for the chance to be coached in a Learning Lab with their dogs. They even come for the Friday night social event and the chance to have a drink with faculty members and friends they know will be there. These folks make it a party!

Fans of the faculty come. Some come just to hear Ken or Susan or Kathy or Michele or Hannah or Jesús or Emma or Alex or Laura or…you name it. Others come because they face a serious behavior issue and need perspective. Others, because they want the best foundational education they can get, even others because they want the most current science and practice. They want breakthroughs, and they want to hear the many insights at the panel discussion.

We all breathe in deeply air that is oxygenated with learning and fun.

Finally, and I’m proud of this, people say they come because they feel well taken care of. They know we “care deeply about the conference and everyone who attends—and it shows.” Attendees love ClickerExpo for the unique atmosphere where we all breathe in deeply air that is oxygenated with learning and fun. 

So, come ye, training geeks, behavior nerds, teachers, specialists, scientists, trainers, zookeepers, veterinarians, and canine-sport enthusiasts. There are a million great reasons to come to ClickerExpo 2018. And you only need one!

Registration is open. Check out everything ClickerExpo has to offer today!

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Aaron Clayton is President of Karen Pryor Clicker Training and TAGteach International, and a member of the ClickerExpo Faculty.