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Training Theory

The Eight Ways of Changing Behavior

Anything you do to get rid of behavior you don't want will fall into one of the following eight methods. The first four are the 'bad fairies,' the methods that have neither kindness nor special efficacy to recommend them. The second four are the 'good fairies,' the approaches that involve positive reinforcement and some understanding of behavior, and that are highly likely to work.

How to Develop a Training Plan

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Should You Use No Reward Markers? Examining the Debate

What is a No Reward Marker (NRM), and is it a useful tool or an awful mistake?

Should a good clicker trainer use an NRM, and, if so, when?

It’s out there, lurking. At times you feel it stalking just behind you. At last it springs as someone asks, “Why don’t you tell your dog it was wrong?”

The NRM debate has been reopened once more.

The debate arises in cycles, but next time you’ll be prepared for it, no matter how stealthily it creeps.

Excerpts from Agility Right from the Start

In their highly anticipated new book, Agility Right from the Start, Eva Bertilsson and Emelie Johnson Vegh present a comprehensive guide to agility, based entirely on the powerful modern training system that made them leading agility teachers throughout Norway and Sweden.

Advance readers comment:

Can a Punisher Also Be a Reinforcer?

A chilly start

On New Year’s Day my otherwise wonderfully sane son-in-law took his family to the beach and went for a swim. Big deal, right? But this is Boston.