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ClickerExpo 2017

A Surprise for ClickerExpo Stamford: Karen!

Here’s a great start to 2017: Karen Pryor will be joining us at ClickerExpo in Stamford, Connecticut! Karen wants to hang out, see the many people she has missed, and soak in the ClickerExpo atmosphere.

Trainers Need Reinforcers, Too: Give Yourself the Perfect Gift

Clicker training practices are built on the sciences of learning and behavior. Science gives us the confidence to understand the great possibilities created by well-timed markers and reinforcers.

ClickerExpo 2017: A Top-10 Animal Training Conference!

In a recent post, The Modern Dog Trainer included Karen Pryor Clicker Training’

How to Make Every Practice Really Count

If you are participating in a canine sport, you and your dog work together as a team. You have been propelled through many long practice days by the idea that “practice makes perfect.”

Miles of Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is my family’s favorite holiday.