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Five Reasons Why ClickerExpo Is For Horse Lovers, Too

In the world of horse training, positive training methods, certainly clicker training methods, are still in the minority. At ClickerExpo we share and explore positive training practices, cultural struggles, and more. Join top equine trainers like Jen Digate, Alexandra Kurland, Natalie Zielinski, and Peggy Hogan, as well as leaders in behavioral science research and practice like Ken Ramirez, Susan Friedman, and Jesús Rosales-Ruiz.

At ClickerExpo, there are courses that will help you find your way, at your pace. Whether you are an experienced, positive trainer or just exploring the trail, here are five reasons why you’ll find ClickerExpo is for you, too!

  1. The Science of It
  2. ClickerExpo is based on the science of how animals learn. That’s a big deal in a field like equine training, where many training practices are handed down by tradition and mentoring. But with clicker training, the practices that define effective, excellent training are rooted in science; the “rules” don’t change and anyone with a desire to learn them can. Don’t start yawning! With more than 14 years of teaching at ClickerExpo, we make the science behind clicker training exciting and fun to learn. It’s our own version of “ground work.”

  3. Trailer-Loading and Other Miracles
  4. We often appreciate with greater depth the beauty of a better way when we’ve struggled in the old way. At ClickerExpo, you can see the beauty and power of clicker training in multiple contexts that illustrate how to transform struggle into partnership. It may seem like a miracle, but in fact it's just good clicker training.

  5. Making the Routine Exceptional
  6. The way we interact with horses on a daily basis can profoundly and positively impact the relationship. With clicker training, specific, simple behaviors can provide not just the opportunity for better care but for a better relationship. In these courses, routine is the foundation for the exceptional and the seemingly mundane.

  7. Along for the Ride
  8. The process of creating
    a much better
    experience doesn't
    begin when you are
    riding, but well
    before then.

    Many horse owners want to know how clicker training changes their experiences under saddle. The answer? Profoundly! But the process of creating a much better experience doesn’t begin when you are riding, but well before then. Let's ride!

    Riding with the Clicker with Alexandra Kurland will tease apart the universals of riding: stopping, starting, turning, and moving in balance. Learn how to introduce universals to a horse and how to develop those universals into performance excellence independent of riding discipline.

    Let’s Stay Together: Start Your Horses Under Saddle at Home with Jen Digate will teach you how to get your horse ready for riding, on your own. If you are switching to the positive-reinforcement paradigm, you may find that you no longer want to send horses out to be started, but to do that at home.

  9. Ain’t Misbehavin’
  10. Misbehavior, problem behavior, aggressive behavior… no matter the words are used to label it, what is merely annoying behavior with smaller/less powerful animals can be dangerous in horses. These four courses will deepen your understanding of, and expand your toolkit of innovative solutions for, equine problem behavior.

    Take your horse training to
    the next level at
    ClickerExpo Portland,
    January 27-29, 2017!

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