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Welcome to the KPCT blog, a collection of all things relevant to our clicker training community. Browse the news items and tidbits of interest — and post your own comments. The blog changes frequently, so come back often!

Interview with ClickerExpo Faculty Member Kathy Sdao

“Infectious enthusiasm.” Those are the words often used to describe trainer and ClickerExpo faculty member Kathy Sdao's personality. 

Come Fly with Me: ClickerExpo 2018 Courses that Expand Your World

On a 3.5-hour plane ride from Denver to Boston, I read. When was the last time you read for 3.5 hours straight?

Courses that Will Change How You Teach

Aristotle and Einstein: a pretty smart pair. They had very similar views of the value of teaching.

Behavior Matters: 3 Insights from 15 years