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Fading a Lure

From  Janine Sisk, Mont Vernon, NH: I've recently watched Clicker Magic and noticed that Karen mentions fading a lure several times but doesn't really show how it's done. I'm having a bit of trouble with it and wondered if you could help.

I originally taught Mattie to do a down in the "sit and walk front feet out" style. That was pretty slow, so I've been trying to switch him to a fold-back down.

Clicker Service Dog Joins Firefighters

From Katherine Huggins, Team Aspen: When we first considered the possibility of Aspen being hoisted or lowered in a harness I outlined a series of behaviors Aspen would need to keep us both safe. I had our veterinarian check Aspen suspended in the harness to make sure there weren't any pinch points, her distal pulse stayed normal, spine wasn't compromised and determined what her hang time could comfortably be without risking harness induced pathology.

Hair Loss with the Gentle Leader

From Becky Schultz, Coordinator of Animal Training and Behavior Programs, Animal Humane Society: I have two dogs that have worn their Gentle Leaders (GLs) for the last five years with no missing hair. I have seen, with hundreds of these dogs coming through classes using GLs, the problem with missing hair comes from owners having difficulty with the concept of keeping the leash loose. If the leash is loose, there is no pressure on the nose. In our classes, we work very hard on teaching owners to keep the leash loose.

Bienvenue a Clickertraining en Francais!

Welcome to the French Clicker Training community! Here are two beautiful and extensive French language clicker training websites, one for dogs (selling clickers and an excellent dog clicker book in French, by Luc Grobben) and a beautiful site for bird owners.

Trimming Toes

Lucille [Lynn's much adored rescued dog] is hypervigilent about her toe nails and hates having them touched. I had clicker trained her to tolerate having them clipped, some years ago, but it was done by the groomer, and Terry, who used to take her to the groomer, is no longer here. I cannot press hard enough with the nail clippers to cut her nails, so the toenail quandary arose again.