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Clicking with Your Dog: First Reviews

March was a busy month. Peggy Tillman's Step-by-Step clicker picture book came out and people love it. Veterinarian and behaviorist Nick Dodman, author of "The Dog Who Loved Too Much," calls it 'a wonderful book…a must…this is the way dog training should be. If every dog owner bought this book I would be out of business and the shelters would have to shut down." Kathleen Weaver, founder of click-l, says flatly

What Can You Do with a Dog in Five Minutes?

A New Year begins your orders are flooding the website and making the phones ring clicker training is on the rise. At the end of January I taped a spot for WNBC Nightly News in New York (local New York news, not national). They wanted to do something on clicker training. I arranged to give a clicker "in-service" training at the Brooklyn animal shelter, to a bunch of eager young animal control officers with some hilariously off-the-wall half-grown dogs. The staff watched me click the first dog or two, then grabbed their clickers and soon were clicking dogs effectively right and left.

Welcome to a New Year

Something tells me it's going to be a big year for clicker training.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of doubters out there, especially in the dog performance world. You've probably heard them. "Well, clicker's fine for pets or tricks, but if you really need reliability, you've gotta get tough."