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Clicker training in the language classroom?

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I study English to become a teacher in Austria. And in Don’t Shoot the Dog I particularly liked the examples of the dirty laundry etc. 
What I’m thinking of now is: Don't shoot the student :-)
I used positive conditioning with my private lesson students – so there is a special word – and it appears to work.
At the moment we are focusing on speaking in one of my language classes.
The problem is that as soon as you send students to pair- or teamwork - which is the only possibility to provide lots of talking time (We have up to 30 students in our classes)  - they usually switch back to their mother tongue.
What we teachers do then is nag, nag, nag… (= check, be persistent about it,…)

So my question is - Have you ever tried clicker training on a group of trainees?

Thanks for your input :-)