KPA Tip of the Day: Harness Your Dog's Energy!

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Do you have a dog that loves to pull? During a casual walk this can be frustrating, but there are many dog-powered sports where pulling is a plus! Canicross (cooperative running with your dog) is very popular in Europe, and is fast becoming popular in the US as well. You can find several canicross clubs (or start one yourself!) that bring like-minded people and dogs together to enjoy the beautiful outdoors while engaging all of your dog's senses.

You will need: a dog that loves to pull, a dog-friendly trail to run on, and a waist belt, a running harness, and a tug line (all easily ordered online, complete with expert advice on proper fit and the exact equipment you will need for the sport you choose). Other dog-pulling sports include dog-scootering (dog pulls scooter), skijoring (requires snow!), bikejoring (dog runs while you bicycle), and, of course, mushing, which can be done both on dry land and snow. Go green—harness your dog's energy!

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