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Volunteers Can Play the Clicker Game

Clicker training can seem mysterious until you experience it personally.

Pick one person to be the subject, and someone else to be the clicker teacher. Use pennies, paperclips, or wrapped candies for treats. Send the ‘animal' out of the room while the group chooses an everyday behavior: switch the light on, pour a glass of water, pick up a book, turn in a circle. When the person comes back, click for any small movement in the right direction. Be sure to have the subject come to the trainer to collect a treat after every click; that keeps the action going. Click generously! See if you can click ten small increments in each minute of time. When the subject ‘gets' the behavior, let the subject be the trainer and pick a new ‘animal.' You will be amazed at the experience of being the animal…"Now I know how my dog feels!" Watchers learn as much about the process as the person doing it; but remember, this is a non-verbal exercise, so resist the temptation to coach, criticise, or advise the trainer.

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