Have You Brushed Your Dog’s Teeth Today?

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Oral health care is very important for pets; a daily tooth-brushng should be part of the schedule! Yet, brushing your dog's teeth can be stressful for your dog (and you, too!). More complicated dental care can be even more challenging, though - never mind more expensive and more risky. This February, in honor of Pet Dental Month, KPA CTP Jay Andors of New York City has shared a video about using clicker training to make brushing a dog's teeth easier.

Follow Jay's lead in training comfort and acceptance of the toothbrush and tooth-brushing. Step-by-step, with high-value treats and the innovative "toothbrush clicker-stick," your dog can also learn to welcome daily brushing and other necessary dental care.

To read more about Jay Andors, click here.

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