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Karen Pryor Clickertraining Announces ClickBooks

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Waltham, MA, March 2, 2006—Karen Pryor Clickertraining is pleased to announce ClickBooksâ„¢, a new line of downloadable texts. ClickBooks will include new titles, old favorites, and a-la-carte positive training solutions that provide access to the information you want anytime, anywhere. You can purchase entire books for less than the price of a paperback, or individual chapters for only $1.99, which makes this the most convenient and cost-effective way to get training information from the experts.

ClickBooks are released in standard Adobe PDF format, so you can use them on any Windows PC or Macintosh computer, and with many portable devices, including Palm OS and Windows mobile phones and PDAs. Or, just print them out and read them like any other book! There's no shipping, no waiting; just the best training information available exactly when and where you need it.

"The new ClickBooks service puts KPCT at the front edge of how an increasing number of consumers want their information. It's easy, immediate, and offers greater opportunity to get just the information you want at a lower price point," said company president Aaron Clayton.

Click to Win was the first book to be released in the ClickBooks format. Written by Karen Pryor, a founder of clicker training, this book is the classic guide to success in the show ring through all-positive techniques, and is popular with dog owners and handlers competing in dog shows, as well as breeders of purebred dogs. "I am so pleased that this important information will be available to more dog owners seeking to understand more about their animals' behavior and looking to deepen their bond in and out of the show ring," said Karen Pryor. Click to Win is available as a complete download for $14.99, or by the chapter for $1.99 each.

In March 2003, Karen Pryor's Signature Series was released; a collection of articles and research papers on a wide range of behavior and operant conditioning topics, available for download and instant enjoyment. Chapters are grouped by subject and each group is priced at $1.99.

In early spring, KPCT will release a brand-new title, Getting Started: Clicking with Bunnies, by Joan Orr and Teresa Lewin. In the months to come, expect to see many more of KPCT's current and newly released titles become available as ClickBooks.

Aaron Clayton, President
Karen Pryor Clickertraining (KPCT)
49 River Street #3
Waltham, MA 02453
Phone: 800-47-CLICK

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