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Ken's Letters

Positive Reinforcement with People—It’s Not Hierarchical!

Few of us are particularly adept at using positive reinforcement with people, even if we do it well with

15th Anniversary ClickerExpo Highlights

It’s hard to believe that ClickerExpo is alread

Tulip Joins The Ranch

Maremma sheepdogs

The Many Faces of Targeting

At a recent ClickerExpo in Europe, after my concept training Lab, one of the attendees approached me with a problem. She wanted to try an exercise that I suggested that required her to use targeting and prompting, but she was concerned because she had been taught that “shaping is the only real way to train; using a target is sloppy and the sign of a weak trainer.”


Recipes, Rules, and Principles

As a lecturer and coach, my ultimate goal is to teach principles, rather than “recipes” and rules. A solid understanding of principles allows students to solve a wide variety of problems independently. However, I have found that offering recipes, suggesting rules, and imparting principles all have their place in developing skilled trainers.