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Ken's Letters

15th Anniversary ClickerExpo Highlights

It’s hard to believe that ClickerExpo is alread

Tulip Joins The Ranch

Maremma sheepdogs

The Many Faces of Targeting

At a recent ClickerExpo in Europe, after my concept training Lab, one of the attendees approached me with a problem. She wanted to try an exercise that I suggested that required her to use targeting and prompting, but she was concerned because she had been taught that “shaping is the only real way to train; using a target is sloppy and the sign of a weak trainer.”


Recipes, Rules, and Principles

As a lecturer and coach, my ultimate goal is to teach principles, rather than “recipes” and rules. A solid understanding of principles allows students to solve a wide variety of problems independently. However, I have found that offering recipes, suggesting rules, and imparting principles all have their place in developing skilled trainers.

The Steep Price of Conservation

My letters are usually training-related, but this time I want to share with you a personal story that affected me in a profound way.