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Training Is My Business: 5 Don’t-Miss Courses at ClickerExpo 2018

When your passion is your business, you have the raw ingredients for a very fulfilling life.

Good Things Come to Those Who “Weight:” Using Behavior Change to Get Healthy

I’m a believer in the power of positive training to not only transform the lives of the animal in our care, but to transform ourselves as well.

Trainers Need Reinforcers, Too: Give Yourself the Perfect Gift

Clicker training practices are built on the sciences of learning and behavior. Science gives us the confidence to understand the great possibilities created by well-timed markers and reinforcers.

Five Reasons Behavioral Science Nerds Love ClickerExpo

Although ClickerExpo is not strictly a scientific conference, its Sessions and Labs often have a scientific focus and alway

Top 5 Reasons Veterinary Professionals will love ClickerExpo 2018

 Since ClickerExpo is focused on training better, veterinary professionals may wonder if there is anything at Expo for them. The answer is a resounding YES! Each year, the number of veterinarians and veterinary technicians in attendance grows because of the value these professionals receive from attending. Here are the top five reasons ClickerExpo 2018 is a must for veterinarians and those who work in the animal healthcare profession.