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Five Reasons Why ClickerExpo Is for Horse Trainers, Too

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Calling all horse trainers! At ClickerExpo, there are courses that will help you find your way, at your pace. Whether you are an experienced positive trainer or just exploring the trail, ClickerExpo has what you need to take your training to the next level. Ride forward with top equine trainers like Jen Digate, Alexandra Kurland, and Peggy Hogan, as well as leaders in behavioral science research and practice like Ken Ramirez, Susan G. Friedman,Ph.D., and Dr. Jesús Rosalez-Ruiz. Here’s a look at the new 2018 courses for horses (and their trainers).

  1. Let’s Ride
  2. Many horse owners want to know how clicker training changes their experience under saddle. The answer to this question is: profoundly. These two courses will look at the universals of riding and how to teach them using the clicker. The information provided crosses all riding disciplines. It doesn’t matter if you ride English or western, if your dream is to ride in a dressage arena or on back country trails, there are basics ALL horses need to understand.

  3. The Science of It
  4. ClickerExpo is based on the science of how animals learn. That’s a big deal in a field like equine training, where many training practices are handed down by tradition and mentoring. But with clicker training, the practices that define effective, excellent training are rooted in science so the “rules” don’t change; anyone with the desire to learn the rules can. Don’t start yawning. With more than 14 years experience teaching at ClickerExpo, we make the science behind clicker training exciting and fun.

  5. Cooperative Care and Other Miracles
  6. We often appreciate with greater depth the beauty of a better way when we have struggled in the old way. At ClickerExpo, you can see the beauty and power of clicker training in three courses that illustrate the contrast between old and new. Each of these courses shows how to create a higher level of partnership and voluntary cooperation. It may seem like a miracle, but it’s just good clicker training.

  7. Making the Routine Exceptional
  8. The way we interact with horses on a daily basis can profoundly and positively impact the relationship. Clicker training specific behaviors provides not just the opportunity for better care, but the opportunity for a better relationship. In the following courses, a new routine is the foundation for the exceptional.

  9. Ain’t Misbehavin’
  10. Misbehavior, problem behavior, aggressive behavior—no matter what words are used to label it—what is merely annoying behavior with smaller/less powerful animals can be dangerous in horses. These two courses will deepen your understanding and expand your toolkit of innovative solutions to equine problem behavior.

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