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February means Valentine's Day, a happy time for me as a child. I lived with the principal of our school, Mrs. Sturley, who set up a card table in the parlor so I could spend hours pasting together the paper, lace, stand-up figures, and stick-on hearts and lovebirds to make twenty-one special valentines for my twenty-one classmates. Sometimes I signed mine; sometimes, daringly, I wrote "Guess who?"

Fear Not: Navigating the Holidays with an Adolescent Dog


Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday with Your Pet


Animal lovers find great joy including their animals in as many holiday celebrations as possible.

How to Put an End to Counter-Surfing

Many dog owners complain that their dogs steal food from kitchen counters or even the dinner table. A new term was even coined to describe this behavior: counter-surfing. If you're tired of losing your dinner to a sneaky pooch every time you turn your back, here's what you can do about it.

Stop Begging! (Have Some Table Scraps)

Too many cooks in the kitchen

Help, We’re Being Invaded! How to Train Polite Greetings

Holiday fun?

The last quarter of the year is a rough one for dogs.

How to Teach Your Dog to Swim


Pet caregivers  often wonder how to keep pets active without having to walk in 90-degree weather. Swimming, and other games in and with water, can be fun for both people and dogs, especially during hot summer days.