Celebrate National Love Your Pet Day

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Monday, February 20 is National Love Your Pet Day, an opportunity to honor and celebrate the special relationship we have with our pets. For those of us who live and work with animals, every day may seem like National Love Your Pet Day! Nevertheless, it is important to take a few moments out of our busy, fast-paced lives to spend time with our four-legged friends.

Happy dog on a hill

Need some inspiration? Here are ways that you can enjoy time together:

Play a game. Everyone loves to play games, canines included. There are plenty of games you can teach easily using ordinary household items. Why not try Spin the Bottle or Karen Pryor's 101 Things to Do with a Box?

Take a hike. If one of your new year's resolutions is to be more active this year, hiking is the perfect outdoor activity. Consider taking your dog for a gentle hike in the woods. Be sure to check out Into the Woods.

Learn a new sport. Does your dog like to run? Chase? Catch? Smell? Jump? Why not learn a new dog sport together? From agility to treibball to K9 Nose Work to obedience, there are plenty of sports that allow your dog to put skills into action and at the same time increase your bond.

Play together. Play is a great way to have fun together. No matter how old your dog is, there are plenty of games that offer the appropriate level of physical and mental stimulation. Teach your dog to play tug of war, or exercise your dog's mind with treat and puzzle toys.

Get active. No doubt you've heard of the benefits of exercise for you, but it's also important for your dog's health as well. Why not start an exercise program together? Running with your dog and mushing on a bike are just two of the many ways you can stay active and have fun together.

However you choose to spend time with your dog today, be sure to reward your dog with plenty of treats!


Please note: This article was originally published on February 20, 2019