The “Dog Days” of Summer 2012

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It's summertime—sun, shore, surf, siestas. Follow these tips to help keep your dog safe and happy during the hot summer months!

"Cool" gear

As you try to keep your dog cool in climbing temperatures, consider some of the helpful products available through the Clickertraining store. The innovative Canine Cool Coat keeps sporting and show dogs, as well as the family pet, cool in heated conditions. Additional cooling is available by submerging the coat in water or spritzing the coat with water, and the comfortable and durable coat offers UVA and UVB protection, too. The KoolCollar, filled with ice or freezer tube (included), cools a dog's core temperature. Vet-recommended, the KoolCollar is just one of the newest ways to be solicitous of your dog's comfort during the summer months.

Happy dog sitting on the beach

On the road?

If you are vacationing away from home with your pet, there is plenty of gear available to make your trip a (summer) breeze! Investigate, and invest in, travel bowls and day trip belt packs to make traveling less stressful on you. One must-have is the speed drink that allows you to turn an ordinary water bottle into a source of water for your dog—refreshment when you need it, and no mess or waste!

A seat belt or harness for the car gives the driver peace of mind. Knowing that your beloved dog is safely strapped in makes a car journey more enjoyable. But if you are calm and your dog is nervous, there is still a problem! If your dog becomes anxious at the prospect of a car trip, try Through a Dog's Ear – travel edition, music designed to reduce canine anxiety. Based on research on how dogs respond to sound, the calm and gentle musical pieces will please both you and your dog as you knock off the miles heading toward a vacation destination. For more help with travel anxiety, read Are We There Yet? How to Ease Your Pet's Travel Anxiety by Rebecca Lynch.

When you pack your own bags for a new destination, don't forget to pack a bag with your pet's favorite and familiar toys and treats. With handles and a closable top, the Toy Tote is the perfect container for your dog's travel essentials. Finally, be sure that a Pet First Aid kit makes it into your bag for every trip—short or long.

Sometimes your pet's vacation will be separate from your own. If you need to board your dog while you travel, consider the advice of Rebecca Lynch in Boarding Your Dog.

Scary noises

While summer is known for relaxation and recreation, sometimes scary sounds associated with the season can strike a negative note. Summer Sounds: How to Help Your Dog through Scary Noises offers useful advice for easing your dog through the sounds of thunder and fireworks, if those events spark fear in your pet.

Lost pets

The extra outdoor activities of summer mean an increase in lost pets. Pet Detective Annalisa Berns' article How to Train Your Dog to Find a Lost Pet describes how you can teach your dog to find a lost cat or dog.

Seasons in the sun

Unfortunately, summer is fleeting. Before summer fades, make the most of your time by being prepared and organized. Enjoy a positive and safe season with your pets!