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Majority of Pet Owners Buy Presents for their Pals

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santa and dog

According to the Associated Press, 52% of pet owners plan to buy their animals a holiday gift—up from 43% last year. Many pets receive holiday outfits, special toys, and themed treats such as candy cane-shaped rawhide chews. Here at KPCT, we've already picked out a few holiday gifts for the special pets on our lists, including a Santa Loopie, Reindeer Toys, and a Hanukkah Gelt squeaker!

Since our pets are part of our families, we love to include them in all of the holiday fun! However, 59% of pet owners say pets are only a minor consideration when picking out holiday decorations. Regardless, 14% of people surveyed reported that their pets have gotten into the decorations before! We've certainly heard of a pet (or two) that made a mess of holiday decorations or opened the gifts under the tree a little early!

Read the whole article on Boston.com, and be sure to let us know what you'll be buying for the special pets in your life!