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KPA Grad Laura Monaco Torelli in the news!

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Laura Monaco Torelli, a Chicago-based graduate of Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) and Animal Training and Behavioral Consultant for Niabi Zoo, made headlines this week when Quad-Cities Online featured a story on the Niabi Zoo's clicker training program. An excerpt from the article:

"Laura Monaco Torelli, a Chicago animal trainer with 20 years of experience, visits Niabi two days every other month to work with zoo keepers. She learned clicker training at Karen Pryor Academy. The training at Niabi, which began about a year and a half ago, improves animals' quality of life by building their trust with trainers."

The article also includes commentary from Colleen Stalf, Niabi's head keeper, who says that now that the animals have caught on to positive reinforcement training, the trainers have found caring for them much easier.

Great job, Laura and the Niabi Zoo! To read the full article, click here. To learn more about how the Niabi Zoo benefits from clicker training, see our recent article "Building Behaviors at the Niabi Zoo: Part One" (and don't miss Part Two in our March newsletter)!